The Public Workforce System (PWS) is operated locally and driven by local community and economic needs yet coordinated throughout the State. Colorado is known nationally by system “insiders” as a leader in workforce development, industry engagement and pathway development through education and into careers, but our wide variety of target audiences is not aware of the work or PWS leadership. To make the greatest impact, PWS will align on the key elements that best describe goals and allow us to effectively communicate and build the PWS brand which will help set us apart from the larger workforce development ecosystem. 

The awarded contractor will facilitate the process of creating the communications plan, including: 

• Guiding the structure and framework for the communications plan 

• Facilitating conversations with Workforce Local Areas across the state 

• Creating collateral, marketing materials, and virtual content 

• Develop and refine the plan Objective, Strategies, Tactics and Timelines 

• Identify additional communications needs and channels to bring the message delivery and updated PWS brand throughout Colorado


The Colorado Urban Workforce Alliance (CUWA) is a multi-regional workforce collaborative seeking to enter into a contract with a marketing and communications firm focusing on the strategic development of a communications plan for the Public Workforce System (PWS) throughout the State of Colorado. CUWA is leading the PWS’s efforts to “tell the story” of the work that we do, the people and employers we serve, and the short and long-term impacts and outcomes of our efforts. Working together we have created over-arching goals for this project, one of which is to create and deliver a unified message for internal and external communications and to better establish a brand for the PWS that represents the strategies and outcomes of the programs and services that we offer. In addition, CUWA has identified the need for a communications plan that helps to unify the message for the disparate partners in the business, workforce, education, and economic development system. Arapahoe County/Arapahoe Douglas Works is the fiscal agent for CUWA and therefore this RFP is being issued through Arapahoe County.

The Communications Plan will follow an easy to understand format designed by the contractor that will include: 

• The Objectives: an over-arching marketing objective(s) that entail the goals to be attained from the communications initiatives – Objectives should be specific, attainable, and measurable 

• The Strategies: the “game plan” – the way in which opportunities will be exploited and objectives reached, including audience(s) to be targeted, desired positioning, and allocation of resources

• The Tactics: the detailed plan of action, including timing and details of all major steps, often considered the “Marketing Communications Plan.” 


Failure to respond in the required format may deem your submittal non-responsive. Failure to provide required information may deem your submittal non-responsive. 

SUBMISSION OF RESPONSES: ONE (1) electronic submittal must be submitted online via Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System (RMEPS) at . It is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure that t h e electronic proposal is submitted prior to the proposal closing time. No physical submissions will be accepted. Submittals should be prepared simply and economically providing a straightforward, concise description of the contractor’s ability to perform the requirements of this Solicitation. 

• Provide submittal without reference to Arapahoe County logo or company logo. 

• Label cover of Original submittal

Due Date:

07/23/2020 04:00 PM EDT


Sarah Huerta, Purchasing Agent (303) 795-4536 Email Address:

Agencies worth considering include Edelman PR and Zeno Group

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