Marketing Management & Campaign Initiatives for Corpus Christi International Airport

Due Date: November 29, 2022 by 2:00pm CT 

Scope of Work

General Requirements

Contractor shall continue marketing strategy and campaign (“Fly Smart” campaign continuation), consisting of digital marketing needs, page search adds, top web search, social media, branding, traditional printed media such as publications (i.e. Bend Magazine), quarterly reports (“Fly Smart” campaign, digital marketing for Google searches), and other services as needed at the Corpus Christi International Airport (CCIA).

Scope of Work

A. Contractor shall continue marketing strategy and campaign for next phases of our Fly Smarter, Not Harder/Fly Local initiatives and campaigns.

B. Contractor shall continue and create digital ads and implement next phases, designed to reduce originating market leakage of CCIA. Leakage refers to local travelers who will drive to other larger, regional airports to get less expensive fares and non-stop flights.

C. Contractor shall execute the campaign with constant monitoring and adjustments made for any under performing ads or sudden or cumulative changes in the industry that dictate an altered approach with

creative flare.

D. Contractor shall manage the campaign and report results data and performance to airport staff. This data shall include but is not limited to clicks, clicks through rates (CTR’s), conversions, number of relevant searches, and impressions.

E. Contractor shall collaborate with the airport’s Marketing Manager during the design, creation,  execution, and management of this campaign. The Marketing Manager must be the primary contact for the entire duration of the campaign.

F. Contractor shall have proven experience and demonstrated success working on leakage campaigns for airports.

G. Contractor shall create a specific marketing plan for Small Community Air Service Development Program (SCASDP) Grant New Air Service development upon request. The marketing plan must include the types of media to be used, projected expenditures for each marketing component, and a timeline for the release of the marketing/advertising material.

H. The technical and management aspect of the campaign will include:

1. Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – target geographies (Nueces, San Patricio, Kleberg, Aransas, Jim Wells counties and possible other locations), RFP Template 03/15/2022 Page 16 of 23 target in-market consumers who are using established keywords to search for airfare with emphasis on CCIA’s top destinations as determined by the airport staff at the time of campaign development.

2. Display advertising on high-traffic websites that are visited by CCIA’s target market.

3. Location-based mobile advertising (geo-fencing airports in San Antonio, Austin, and/or Houston).

4. Remarketing via Facebook.

5. Conversion set-up and reporting.

6. Reporting Dashboard where results can be tracked and analyzed day by day.

7. Tracking and reporting with the flexibility to adjust creativity for any reason deemed necessary by airport staff.

8. Flexibility in target word searches to maximize spending.

9. Dedicated project manager with a built-in approval process for all creative elements.

I. Media placement for ads in radio, TV, streaming, print or digital media.

4.3. Special Instructions

The price structure will be all-encompassing price with a breakdown of all the costs for Search Engine Marketing (SEM), display, location-based mobile, and Facebook remarketing.

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