Marketing Mediums

Marketing is more than most people think it is. There are so many ways to present a campaign or a brand in the marketing world that it can be hard to decide which one is best. Some traditional marketing mediums include print, radio, television and direct mail. Online mediums can include email, pay per click, social media and search engine marketing.

Traditional Mediums

There are many ways to present a campaign in a traditional medium. One traditional method of delivery is in print. Magazines, newspapers and direct to consumer mail in ads are all examples of print marketing. Radio marketing can include radio interviews with a brand owner, radio ads, and radio competitions to promote a brand. Television allows for commercials and ad placement.

Online Mediums

With the world of online sales and life growing each day, online marketing allows for a very wide range of presentation methods. Social media is great for ads, influencer promotions and contests. Interactions with customers is direct and immediate. Email campaigns are a great option for brands that want to interact with a consumer on an ongoing basis. It allows for exclusive email promotions, it allows for more consistent contact and emails can be mass produced and sent. 

Search engine marketing is the process of ensuring that a brand website or promotion has appealing sales copy and that the brand in question is on the first page of search engine results. Once a consumer has to look past the first page or two, they will find another brand. Ensuring front page placement allows current customers and potential new customers to find a brand more easily.

Novel Mediums

The mediums for campaign delivery mentioned above are among the more common of marketing mediums. There are also options like the inflatable balloon people outside of car dealerships, billboards, cars with ads on the side, blimps flying above large sporting events are a good way to get some attention.

Large scale public events can be great for building up a business’s name and the conversation around it. Collaborations between influencers and brands, or between complimentary brand is an additional option

Whatever medium is chosen should reflect the mission or image of a brand. The tone and voice must be in line with the brand. Most importantly marketing needs to be aimed at the ideal consumer for that particular brand. If a brand is geared at seniors, running a high energy public event will not be an effective campaign. If a brand is geared at teens, then running a newspaper ad will not be effective. Match branding mediums to the brand for best results.

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