Marketing RFP Issued By Capital Pride Alliance, Inc.

The Capital Pride Alliance, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization that was created in 2008 with the purpose of supporting, planning, implementing, and assessing the annual Capital Pride events and related activities in the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.  Through its diverse programming and stewardship of LGBTQ+ events, specifically year-round Pride celebrations, Capital Pride serves to educate, motivate, support, and celebrate our diverse communities in order to grow and protect our legacy for future generations. Capital Pride produces each year Trans Pride and the Pride Celebration in the Nation’s Capital, one of the largest Pride events in the country, plus a variety of educational and community events throughout the year.

The annual Pride celebrations in the Nation’s Capital have taken place for over 44 years. In 2019, we estimate that over 600,000 guests experienced the Capital Pride Celebration, including the Pride Parade, Festival, and Concert, and Capital Trans Pride. People from throughout the country and the world travel to Washington, DC to experience Pride.

Scope of Work:

The selected individual or organization will be contracted for the period beginning December 23, 2019, through June 30, 2020, on a fixed-fee basis.  This fixed-fee shall include fulfillment of all activities and/or deliverables as outlined in the “Marketing Requirements” in section 3.1, including but not limited to, all efforts, meetings, appointments, and other requirements necessary to meet deliverable targets; compliance with all policies and directives; and successful completion of all proposed activities outlined below. Direction with regard to priorities and organizational needs will come from the Executive Director.

3.1 Marketing Requirements Work with staff and volunteers to create an effective marketing strategy for revenue generating events, donor solicitations, and expansion of the Capital Pride Alliance brand to include use of all relevant social media platforms, print media, television, radio, digital marketing, web management, graphic design, and strategic partnerships. Track and manage the metrics across all media outlets and platforms.

 3.1.1 Pride 2020 Theme Assist in the development and roll-out of the theme for Pride 2020, to be announced at the Pride Reveal. a. Work with the CPA team to help select the theme, with attention to how the theme can assist in the overall marketing strategy. b. Upon selection, work with the CPA Team to produce a promotional video revealing the theme, to be shown at the Pride Reveal and shared on all social media platforms.

3.1.2 Events Develop a strategy to promote and drive tickets sales and attendance at official Capital Pride events.

Pride Reveal Thursday, February 6, 2020 Capital Trans Pride May 15-17, 2020 API (Asian and Pacific Islander) Pride May 29-30, 2020 Capital Pride Celebration June 5-14, 2020

a. Develop a plan for each event using all media platforms. b. Incorporate media space available through existing media partners. c. Identify new strategic media partners to expand the reach of Capital Pride events and programs within the National Capital Region, throughout the United States, and internationally. d. Provide assets and tools that support volunteers and staff in the execution of all marketing strategies. e. Ensure fulfillment of sponsor benefits and provide performance metrics.

3.1.3 Our Story Develop a strategy to gather stories from members of the LGBTQ+ community that can be used to expand the reach of the Capital Pride Alliance in the National Capital Region and beyond and will foster donor solicitations. These stories should: a. Capture the passion, excitement, and diversity of the CPA Team. b. Capture the excitement, importance, and influence of participating in “Pride.” c. Capture the journey of individuals, organizations, and sponsors who participate in “Pride.”

d. Capture the fabric of the LGBTQ+ community in the National Capital Region, and the many organizations involved in providing support and services. e. Work with the CPA Team to develop an exhibitor activation to be used at special events that promotes the Capital Pride Alliance, its programs, and the greater LGBTQ+ community in the National Capital Region. f. The stories should incorporate the Pride 2020 theme to the extent possible.

3.1.4 Brand Expansion Develop, implement, and manage an effective marketing plan to expand the audience and reach of the Capital Pride Alliance, as evidenced by:  a. Develop strategies and tools to increase followers and likes on all social media platforms and email list. b. Work with the volunteer Marketing Team to develop content for social media, web, print, and collateral to promote revenue generating events, donor solicitations, and the CPA brand. c. Consistent use of print and/or web media presence for all Capital Pride events and donor solicitations.  d. Coordinated email blasts to targeted Capital Pride interest lists.

Due Date:

December 6, 2019


Capital Pride/Capital Pride Alliance, Inc.

2000 14th ST NW STE 105, Washington, DC 20009

Contact: Ryan Bos

Phone/Fax: 202.719.5304 / Email:

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