Intiman Theatre (Intiman) is seeking proposals from qualified strategic planning firms or contractors (Vendor) to run a comprehensive community engaged strategic planning process in 2020 to define the future of the company, our position in the community, and to outline the space needs of the theatre and a sustainable path forward.

Intiman is a professional theatre company located in Seattle, Washington, who won the 2006 Tony Award for Outstanding Regional Theatre, the 2018 Gregory Award for Outstanding Musical, 2018 Teeny Award, a 2019 Mayor’s Arts Award, and is overseen by Artistic Director Jennifer Zeyl, interim management from the arts consulting firm Scandiuzzi Krebs, and Board President Daniel Nye. The company retired a historical $2.7m in debt & obligations in 2018, and remains debt-free. The theatre’s mission is to wrestle with American inequities. Intiman has a passion for social justice, and strives towards liberation through artistic activism. The company looks at inequities plaguing our country and talks about these injustices in theatrical productions, works through these injustices in educational programs, and evaluates internal policies within community to fight against institutional injustices.

Since its founding in 1972, Intiman has presented over 240 productions to Seattle audiences. Among the more recent of these are HIR by Taylor Mac, THE EVENTS by David Grieg, ANGELS IN AMERICA by Tony Kushner, TROUBLE IN MIND and WEDDING BAND by Alice Childress, BOOTYCANDY and BARBECUE by Robert O’hara, BULRUSHER by Eisa Davis, and DRAGON LADY by Sara Porkalob.

Intiman Theatre does not currently have a home theatre. In future, Intiman envisions itself as a hub for community, where art making of all kinds happens and important conversations are ignited. A place where audiences of all ages and backgrounds gather to watch a show, new works are incubated, and where bridges are built between communities.

Scope of Work:


Create a map forward for the theatre that meets the needs of, and has buy-in from the communities we serve. The plan will be sustainable, flexible, accessible for all, equitable, and will answer the space needs of the theatre. It will identify strategies and objectives for our future programming, facilities, leadership and staffing models, and community engagement.


The strategic planning project will include: 

● Assessment of current activities and staffing models

● Stakeholder interviews 

● Review of financials, tech platforms, and data

It will NOT include: 

● Designing a new theatre 

● Programming future seasons 

● Decision making on casting, community partners, etc.


The strategic plan should be finalized by August 31, 2020. If the Vendor is proposing a timeline that extends past this deadline, provide your reasoning why, and how the additional time will provide benefit to Intiman.


The layout of this RFP is as follows: 

1 Overview 

2 Instructions to Proposers 

3 Evaluation Process 

4 Evaluation Criteria 

5 Statement of Work 

6 Vendor References 

7 Vendor Qualifications

8 Itemization of Proposed Costs

Due Date:

January 6


Relevant agencies include KCSA PR and Alison Brod PR.

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