Zinkovetsky Law Firm Retained By The Families Of Victims Involved In Controversial Delta Incident


Subject: Delta’s staff failure to follow their own check-in procedures causes a 67-year-old senior citizen to be sent to the ER and arrested.

The families of Ida Shafir and Nick Bogomolsky have retained Zinkovetsky Law Firmto represent them after a highly publicized incident on Feb. 26, 2019 at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

The allegations against Ms. Shafir and Mr. Bogomolsky are completely baseless. My clients are law abiding senior citizens that have no prior arrests or altercation with the law. They deny all charges filed against them and have retained a criminal attorney in Florida to resolve this unfortunate situation. We plan on bringing a civil action law suit against Delta Air Lines and other involved parties that will not only clear the names of our clients but will prove that Delta acted recklessly and with complete disregard to its customers’ safety. Delta Airlines employees’ reckless action and complete disregard to their customer’s safety created a very dangerous situation which put the victims’ lives in real danger. Unfortunately, the media has completely failed to provide objective coverage of this incident and instead resorted to vilifying my clients who are the true victims. I respectfully ask the members of the media to do their job, to investigate the story and to provide fair and balanced coverage of the incident.

Contrary to the picture painted in the media, the victims had complied with Delta employee’s request to check in their carry-on bags. It is unclear why Delta employees state that the victims refusedto check their bags even though they themselves took the bags from the victims and issued the receipts. We believe and intend to prove that it was Delta’s employees’ lack of respect for their customers, poor training and incompetence that escalated the situation. The media completely failed to mention that one of the victims was sent to the ER following the incident. All because Delta once again failed to follow their own check-in procedures. This is not the first time Delta Airlines caused or threaten to have their customers be arrested without a reason. There are multiple incidents involving Delta’s employees including a recent case in which a family was booted from Delta flight and threatened with jail after refusing to give up toddler’s seat or when the Delta’s employee called the police on a black woman who asked to speak to a manager. These incidents happen all the time, they can happen to anyone. Airlines need to start taking responsibilities for the actions of their employees.

At this time, the victims are asking for privacy and will not be engaging in media interviews. If any member of the public has information pertaining to this incident, that information can be communicated to us by email to petro@zinkovetsky.com.


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