Best Public Relations Firm in Italy

Italy PR Firms

Like many countries, Italy is fortunate enough to have an abundance of wonderful and reliable PR firms. Some are global, while others are more local. The few listed below present among the best Italy offers the PR industry.

Ketchum Public Relations

Ketchum PR: Italy

Established in 1978 and based in Milan, Ketchum is one of the top-ranked PR firms in Italy. The firm’s success spills over into over 50 offices around the world, and it works with clients from some of the top brands and companies globally. The firm primarily focuses on brand marketing, corporate, healthcare, technology, and food & beverage. It also offers clients a slew of more tailor-made services to better meet clients’ needs. The firm made it to the top thanks to their strong commitment to guaranteeing effective, quality communication programs to clients while embracing modern tools, like social and digital media to help deliver the message of it’s clients to their targeted audience.

Ad Mirabilia

Ad Mirabilia

Ad Mirabilia is one of the best PR firms in Italy. The firm appeals to clients because of its 360-degree approach when creating PR strategies and it’s ability to offer services across a wide range of industries. When crafting PR strategies for clients, Ad Mirabilia focuses on using the power of the press, web PR and social media, advertising and media buying, and organizing events. And when it comes to clientele, Ad Mirabilia doesn’t discriminate. The firm works with clients from small startups, all the way up to large multinational organizations.

Attila & Co

Attila & Co.

Headquartered in the heart of Milan, Attila & Co. is a top-ranked Italian integrated communications agency. The firm works closely with clients to help improve branding to appeal to target audiences. Brand consulting provide a large part of the firm’s work. Attila & Co. thinks outside the box to get a job done. It utilizes radio, print, digital media, and social media when crafting client strategies.

These three PR firms rate among the best Italy offers, and rightly so. Their expertise and services attract and retain clients, contributing to their unparalleled success in the PR industry.

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