Marketing RFP Issued By Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources Grant Announcement

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The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (“Department”) is soliciting marketing Proposals.


A “Buy Local” is a Massachusetts regional agriculture, non-profit organization that connect farmers to their surrounding communities and vice versa. They are committed to the idea that knowing where your food comes from makes both good health and economic sense. Buy Local group efforts help generate consumer awareness and demand for locally grown food products while improving logistical access to these important food sources. From technical assistance information to the newest recipes, consumers and farmers alike can find resources to help them grow, buy, cook, and eat wholesome locally grown products. A “Buy Local Effort” is a Buy Local campaign that strengthens the marketing potential of agricultural businesses and agricultural products in one of the nine (9) geographic areas identified in Section 1.A above. A “Buy Local” campaign develops programs that provide an economic advantage to farm businesses and food producers in the marketplace. A “Buy Local” campaign engages a variety of partners to develop effective business tools that expand and support agriculture’s vital role in the health of the community. A “Buy Local” campaign may also develop programs that inform and engage community members about the long-term sustainability of Massachusetts farms and farm products. A Buy Local campaign can help implement goals of the Massachusetts Local Food Action Plan and contribute to increasing production, sales & consumption of Massachusetts-grown/produced foods.

Scope of Work:

The Department is soliciting agricultural marketing proposals from non-profit organizations. Proof of non-profit status shall be provided to the Department as part of the proposal. It is highly encouraged that organizations which submit proposals under this RFR have developed successful programs that encourage the purchasing of local agriculture. These programs are commonly referred to as “Buy Local” program initiatives. These proposals should be for projects that add to these efforts. Projects should clearly demonstrate the organization(s) ability to accomplish one or more of the objectives listed below. The proposal shall describe the line item budget, schedule of work to be completed within the contract performance period, and a detailed scope of work to which shall describe how the above objectives under “Performance Specifications” shall be accomplished. Projects must meet one or more of the following objectives:

· Increase the cash receipts for farmers from local sales of agricultural products or other locally produced products from primarily local ingredients grown or made in the proposal’s respective region of the state;

· To increase recognition of Massachusetts agriculture in one of the nine (9) geographic areas identied in Section 1.A of Massachusetts by collaborating with agricultural/ commodity associations and/ or community initiatives to cross-promote efforts in that particular region;

· To attract regional partners among traditional and non-traditional groups to support and promote agriculture in the region including leveraging other dollars;

· Where appropriate, encourage collaboration across multiple proposals or grant programs to accomplish similar goals and reduce duplication of efforts to achieve similar outcomes which benefit the farmer/producer and/or the agricultural industry; and/or the consumer; or

· MassGrown Logo and website to be incorporated with any consumer work and/or materials funded through this grant.

· All Projects must meet applicable federal, state, and local public health orders, regulations, ordinances, or other guidance issued related to COVID-19 in effect at the time of the Project. Proposals must include whether they can be conducted in compliance with these requirements. All applicants are encouraged to:

· Work with MDAR Staff to collaborate on any workshops/classes/ webinars/ Zoom meetings to avoid any duplication of effort. Share templates/programs and webinars for educational and technical assistance initiatives funded through this grant.

· To provide technical assistance and support to farmers and farmers’ markets in accepting SNAP/HIP benefits at farmers’ markets, farm stands, and Community Supported Agriculture Programs.

· Propose program initiatives that are not currently or have previously been funded.

· Leverage matching funds.

Due Date:

February 26


Robert Monahan Contract Administrator Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) 251 Causeway Street – Suite 500
Relevant agencies to consider include Magrino PR and Porter Novelli.

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