Marketing RFP Issued By Regina Public Library

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This Request for Proposal (the “RFP”) is an invitation by Regina Public Library (the “Library”) to prospective respondents to submit proposals for services typically provided by an advertising agency/agency of record.

The intent of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to obtain a qualified and experienced service provider to provide marketing and communications support services for Regina Public Library, including creative, production, and media purchasing services.


Regina Public Library is a community gathering place where the joy of reading, discovery and lifelong learning is respected and encouraged. The programs, services, and supports we provide help to build a strong community: one that values knowledge and understanding, and respects and upholds diversity. The library of today offers a positive, dynamic meeting place in which people can interact and share ideas. It’s about learning, seeking knowledge and exchanging information.

We assess priorities and provide resources to support the things deemed most important by our customers and the community.

Marketing and Communications Unit The service provider will work primarily with RPL’s Marketing and Communications Unit (MAC). The unit is responsible for marketing and communications on behalf of the organization, as well as all signage required by the Library.

The unit is composed of the Director of Marketing and Communications, two MAC Consultants, a Digital Communications Coordinator, and a MAC Clerk. RPL’s Marketing and Communications team takes a forward-looking approach to its work and seeks to ensure messaging is delivered to target audiences in the most effective way possible.

We keep current and are open to new ideas and fresh perspectives and strive to learn about optimal approaches for connecting with our customers and the community. RPL Brand RPL introduced a new brand and logo in November 2020.

The brand promises to “inspire everyone to discover, learn, and connect” through library services. At RPL, we define the term “brand” as the thoughts, perceptions and “gut feeling” a person has about RPL based on their exposure to and interactions with us.

Essentially, it’s what comes to mind when someone hears the words “Regina Public Library.” The service provider will work with MAC and others at RPL to ensure the Library’s approach to its marketing materials reflects RPL’s brand promise, personality, and advantage.

Scope of Work:

The scope of work under this contract shall include the services indicated below. The role of a successful respondent will be undertaken by a qualified consultant, in accordance with the direction of the Director, Marketing and Communications. Responsibilities are as follows: • account management services • creative services • technical services • media purchasing 3.1.1 Account management services The service provider (SP) is responsible to provide one suitable professional to act as the Library’s customer service representative (CSR) to manage the relationship between the SP and the Library, and to provide project management services for the Library’s account. There may be additional people to support the primary CSR, however the primary CSR will be the initial and main point of contact for the Library. This person shall be responsible for executing a number of duties on behalf of the Library related to management of the Library’s account. These include, but are not limited to: (a) Providing effective account management services on behalf of the Library for all projects and initiatives; (b) Responding to status update requests, information requests, concerns, and issues in a timely manner; (c) Meeting regularly with the Director, Marketing and Communications to: a. review projects; b. confirm direction and priorities; c. resolve issues; d. answer questions, discuss projects and budgets, and other topics; (d) Communicating on behalf of the Library with other SP team members and/or sub contractors to ensure Library priorities, requirements, and expectations are understood and executed, but also ensure the ability for the Library to communicate directly with other agency employees and/or sub contractors as needed; 14 (e) Providing strategic advice and approach toward advertising, marketing campaigns, and other projects as requested; (f) Keeping current on trends and ideas in advertising and marketing, as well as web design, social media, photography, and other forms of creative expression to use in promotional activities; (g) Pro-actively suggesting opportunities and options that the SP believes would be a good fit for the Library and its brand; (h) Respectfully disagreeing or challenging direction, assumptions, and/or courses of action when necessary, and providing ample rationale and information to back up claims; (i) Providing timely and reasonable time and cost estimates when a new project has been requested; and (j) Supporting the Library in its use of creative content to communicate with customers, key stakeholders, targeted audience groups, and the general community. The CSR will have: (a) excellent working knowledge of marketing and advertising trends and opportunities; (b) a strong working knowledge of the Library, its brand, priorities, and business; and (c) professional diplomacy. 3.1.2 Creative services The SP is responsible for providing creative services to the Library to ensure materials reflect the Library’s brand and are attractive and compelling to various target audiences.

Due Date: December 1, 2:00pm CST


Colleen Hawkesford

Director, Marketing and Communications

Regina Public Library


Relevant agencies to include are Edelman PR and Zeno Group.

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