The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is seeking proposals from qualified Vendors to provide fullservice marketing, communications and advertising agency to support the Department’s various marketing, outreach and education programs. These programs include but are not limited to: • Governor’s Highway Safety Program, which seeks to increase safety and reduce fatalities on the State’s roadways; In addition, the Vendor shall support NCDOT’s efforts to promote other divisions/initiatives as need and funding allow revenue-generating programs. These include but are not limited to: • NC By Train, which provides passenger train service which provides passenger train service as funding from State or Federal funds allow; • Ferry Division, which operates 21 ferries to transport passengers and vehicles to several islands along the Outer Banks, as funding from State or Federal funds allow. The primary role of the Vendor will be to identify, recommend and facilitate the optimum use of paid advertising media to maximize the impact of a limited marketing budget. The Vendor shall be involved primarily with large scale projects with far reaching impacts.

Scope of Work:

The mission of this marketing program is to effectively deliver various transportation-related messages to targeted audiences by obtaining the highest quality of marketing and advertising services at competitive prices. The successful Vendor shall research, develop, and implement various marketing campaigns to increase public awareness and knowledge of various NCDOT’s programs and initiatives, including, but not limited to:

• Passenger Rail 

• Multi-modal programs 

• Highway Safety 

• Governor’s Highway Safety Program 


• Promote transportation safety messages to increase awareness and change behaviors;

• Increase passenger rail ridership on the Piedmont or Carolinian;

• Ensure the most effective use of limited resources, particularly in regard to paid media;

• Educate the public on any important transportation programs/issues;

• Track and report on success/impact of campaigns using industry standard evaluation metrics; and

• Promote various transportation programs and initiatives. 

5.3 TASKS 

Marketing and Advertising Plans including Marketing Research

• Provide market research, marketing and public relations concepts, collateral testing, current and future user demographic information, and user language preference data to help prepare a plan.

• At the direction of NCDOT and in conjunction with strategic and marketing plans, analyze and recommend specific marketing mediums (both paid and unpaid across print, digital, broadcast, out of home, sponsorships); placed upon the approval of NCDOT. 

• Monitor placement to ensure accuracy and completion of all paid and unpaid media schedules.

• Develop and implement fully integrated marketing plans, with tactics including but not limited to printed materials, videos, TV and/or radio PSAs, social media content, customer correspondence concepts, website copy and graphics, public education materials, annual reports, point of sale materials and presentations. 

• Provide input and recommendations for planning, coordinating and executing specific portions of NCDOT’s various annual marketing and advertising plans.

• Work and interact with NCDOT staff and its Vendors to provide full integration of advertising plans. Note: Deliverable due dates will vary depending on the frequency of the various marketing campaigns.

Public Relations (if needed and as funding allows) 

• Develop, execute and track public relations programs in coordination with NCDOT staff if requested.

• Set and create a media PR relations strategy based on target audience/media, target markets, media missions, media materials and monitoring at the request of NCDOT.


• Promote a variety of communication and marketing products for various mediums, including print, video, direct mail, internet, transit, outdoor, display, television and radio. Work also includes media buying.

• Monitor on behalf of NCDOT and give “quick” weekly updates on the performance of all media suppliers’ activities to ensure that a) all services purchased are delivered; and b) actual performance meets or exceeds the industry standard for that medium. Monthly reports will depend on the stages of progress in a campaign.

Sports Marketing 

• Research program options, provide recommendations and negotiate contracts with various sports marketing and events entities.

• Ensure the most effective use of limited resources, particularly with regard to sports and events marketing programs and activities.

• Engage target audience with interactive activities on-site at events.

• Staff and manage on-site events. 

• Track and report on success/impact of campaigns using industry standard evaluation metrics.

Branding Concept Design and Production 

• On a case-by-case basis Vendor may be asked to develop and produce creative concepts and communication products for a variety of mediums, which may include print, video, internet, direct mail, transit, outdoor, display, television and radio. 

• Participate in strategic planning and concept development for marketing campaigns and creative development.

Due Date:

May 13


E-mail: Phone: (919)707-2627

Agencies to consider include MWWPR and Coyne PR.

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