Texas A&M University Issues RFP For Marketing, Advertising and Communications

Texas A&M University Issues RFP For Marketing, Advertising and Communication Services


Texas A&M University (Texas A&M) is seeking Request for Proposals from qualified respondent to provide marketing, advertising, printing and communication services for OPAS Programming.


MSC OPAS seeks a full service marketing, advertising and communication agency to provide services for OPAS programming. MSC OPAS is a very dynamic and diverse organization, which includes approximately 300 student and community volunteers and which requires a commitment well beyond providing art and copy. Operating budget is just over $1,000,000.00. Approximately 80% of the budget must be generated from ticket sales, contributions and advertising. Historically an estimated 1000 of the season ticket subscribers for OPAS are students. Of single ticket buyers 80% are with Bryan/College Station area, and 20% outside. Daily contact is required for proofing, viewing of television, etceteras.

Selling the performing arts is quite challenging. Willingness to learn the performing arts business is critical to servicing this account. The market is different for each program, therefore keeping up with local, regional and national trends in the market place is imperative. Texas A&M University encourages the agency to send representatives (at their expense) to the annual Arts Presenter conference in New York. This provides an opportunity to attend arts marketing workshops and to view programs for possible booking.

Scope of Work:


Creative Direction

To effectively communicate with target audiences, each piece of advertising (i.e. print, electronic, mail, etc) must be personalized to speak to the identified audience. Directing the efforts of the creative team, with respect to the items listed below, is a major portion of the work of the agency responsible for creative direction.

  • Subscription Campaign
  • Priority Individual/Small Package Campaign
  • Individual Program Campaign
  • Image and Branding Campaigns
  • Printed Material Campaigns
  • Participation, upon request. In a creative team approach with community and student volunteers, as well as staff.

Marketing and Public Relations:

The purpose of marketing is to insure that OPAS, its programs and their combined message are reaching the greatest potential audience, thus providing the highest potential ticket sales. Once tickets are sold, the public relations arm then attempts to assure the customer’s continued satisfaction with the product. The following are major parts of the marketing/public relations portion of the account.

  • Develop, direct and manage all marketing and public relations activities for the season, including: subscription and single ticket campaigns; image and branding campaigns; printing of all advertising pieces, radio, television and outdoor advertising.
  • Lead creative team meetings
  • Report and communicate all marketing and public relations activities to client.
  • Oversee budget and provide weekly update on all expenditures relative to marketing, advertising and public relations.
  • Represent client to vendors
  • Serve as liaison between client and design firm, should a different firm provide the design component.
  • Overall marketing and advertising counseling (including image campaign and marketing studies, when necessary). Advice and counseling will be sought from marketing service provider relative to the need for market studies and/or image campaign. If Texas A&M decides to do a marketing study, the role of the marketing service provider again is in a “counseling capacity” to recommend marketing research firm to do study.

Media Buyer:

The responsibility of the media buyer is to plan, negotiate and place print, electronic and outdoor advertising and public relations opportunities.

  • Coordinate with OPAS to budget adequately for purchase of media
  • Identify target audiences for each program
  • Plan media buy for each program and submit plan to OPAS for approval.
  • Negotiate media rates to assure the greatest value and exposure for OPAS
  • Place media buy in advance, so as to take greatest advantage of space available.


The copywriter is responsible for setting the tone for all design work through creative copy. In essence, taking the work of the creative team and putting it on paper, such that the designer can then take the message to the drawing board.

  • Create copy direct at identified targeted audiences
  • Provide copy to designer for all print, electronic and outdoor advertising and public relations activities.

Radio and Television Script/Production:

  • Provide copy for all radio and television scripts and public service announcements
  • Cast talent for each production session
  • Direct all production sessions


Vendor to create E-Marketing messages to be distributed to client’s email distribution list at various times throughout a season. Message topics vary from announcement of special events to on sale information.


Design work for each OPAS season include  the following:

  • Subscription brochure design and production
  • Priority single and small package brochure design and production
  • Membership and/or annual fundraising collateral material
  • Print advertising for newspaper and magazines
  • Season television advertising design and production, including 30 and 10 second television ads
  • Program design and production
  • Season poster design and production
  • Season collateral materials design and production (e.g. magnets, calendars, pocket cards, direct mail, box office flyers, etc.)
  • Create logo and all brand/image materials
  • Printing services for each OPAS season

Web Site Creation and Maintenance:

Creation: Vendor to provide thorough Web site design for season. Web site should be designed so that it matches each season’s theme. The site should include (but not limited to) season roster (Main Stage, Intimate Gatherings, OPAS Family), individual event pages with descriptions and b-roll, OPAS membership information and general OPAS information (BOD, staff, student committee). Site should launch so that it coincides with the subscription campaign launch. The total pages of the Web site vary from season to season (depending upon the number of events we present). Total pages of the Web site will vary between 35-50 pages each season

Due Date:

March 17th, 2018.


Texas A&M University

Procurement Services

P.O. Box 30013

College Station, TX 77842-3013

PR firms with education experience includes Zeno Group and Edelman PR.

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