Marketing RFP Issued BY Tulsa International Airport

Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust (Tulsa International Airport, TUL) is seeking proposals from firms specializing in advertising and marketing services to develop a spring and summer 2022 campaign to promote TUL’s onsite parking and its new parking rewards program.


Parking generates the most non-airline revenue for Tulsa International Airport, making it essential for

funding airport operations and improvements. Other large non-airline revenue generators for TUL

include the terminal’s restaurants, retail shops and advertising sales.

Tulsa International Airport’s three parking options include:

  • Economy: Uncovered parking with free shuttle service drop off at the ticket-counters: $8/day
  • Garage: Covered parking that’s conveniently located directly across the street from the terminal building. No shuttle necessary. $12/day
  • Valet: Valet parking is located outside the ticket-counter doors. Valet customers give staff their arriving flight information at drop-off and their vehicle is waiting for them after their trip $18/day plus tax.

Annual Parking Revenue:

Fiscal year 2017: $7,335,971

Fiscal year 2018: $10,109,140

Fiscal year 2019: $10,610,713

Fiscal year 2020: $7,342,000

Fiscal year 2021: $5,234,000

Current Parking Branding:

TUL’s parking tagline is “One Spot Closer”, which suggests that passengers that park onsite at the airport

are one spot closer to their destination. It also implies that if they park onsite at TUL vs. with an offsite

competitor, then the passenger is one spot closer to the terminal building and their plane. This tagline

was created in 2016 and is currently used on TUL parking shuttles, coupons, and other marketing

material. While this is the current tagline, the TAIT marketing team is open to new suggestions if the

selected agency would like to propose a new tagline.

Target Audience: Please see Attachment 4 for more information on the audience of this campaign.

Campaign Goals:

Develop and launch a parking campaign that results in a 6% increase in parking revenue for spring and

summer 2022. We think this is an achievable goal since passenger traffic has continued to increase since

the start of the pandemic, and leisure travel should peak during these times.

The campaign should educate travelers in the area of the three parking options, and also promote TUL

Parking Perks, the airport’s free parking rewards program. Visit our site for more information on TUL

Parking Perks.

The campaign should communicate the convenience of parking onsite at TUL compared to other options

departing travelers have, such as: parking offsite with a competitor, using ride sharing apps like Uber

and Lyft, or asking a family member or friend for a ride to the airport.

Scope of Work

The successful proposer will be selected based on their proposed approach, budget, and timeline for

implementing a parking campaign. Vendors are asked to include the following items in their proposal:


How you will develop the messaging to reach the audience? What media will you use? How will

you measure the effectiveness of the campaign?

When considering the approach, airport-owned assets should be considered, but you are not

limited to those assets (see Attachment 1).


Include a detailed budget for all phases of the project. Agency fees (research, design, video

production, etc.) cannot exceed $20,000.

Provide a recommended budget for media buys. The media costs cannot exceed $60,000 for

the entire campaign. Please see details for the campaign dates in the “Timeline” section below.

Vendors are asked to include video production in their estimate: Development of (2) 15-second

videos OR (1) 30-second video that highlight(s) the benefits of parking at TUL.

Include an hourly rate for the creation and approval of each deliverable with a maximum cap on

the number of hours needed for each item.


Include a timeline for all phases and deliverables, including measurement of the campaign’s

effectiveness. The first phase of the campaign will start before the busy Spring Break travel

season, and end in mid-July, taking a break in April and early May.

Here are the proposed dates the TAIT marketing team would like to have the campaign run:

Phase 1, targeting Spring Break travelers: February 27, 2022 – March 26, 2022

Phase 2, targeting summer travelers: May 15, 2022 – July 16, 2022

Please include a media budget for only the period above.

Team Information

Vendors are asked to include the Name(s) of the designer(s) and videographer(s) working this

project and samples or website links to at least three campaigns they have produced.

Closing Date

Thursday, January 6, 2022 at 5:00 PM.


All proposals should be submitted via email to

All questions must be sent via email to All questions and answers will be posted to

Agencies to consider for this assignment include Edelman PR and Zeno Group.

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