Marketing Needed For Virginia Horse Industry Board

The purpose of this Unsealed Request for Proposals (URFP) is to solicit unsealed proposals to establish a contract with one qualified Offeror to provide marketing services.

The VHIB was established in 1994 as the result of legislation and a statewide referendum. The Board’s mission is to promote and develop economic opportunities for the betterment of the horse industry in Virginia. The horse industry is made up of many breeds, disciplines, interests, schools, and related businesses. There exists a need to collectively promote and develop this diverse industry. The VHIB is made up of members of this diverse industry and operates through VDACS.

VDACS was established in 1877 to promote the economic growth and development of Virginia agriculture, provide consumer protection, and encourage environmental stewardship. The agency is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia and has several field offices, four regional diagnostic animal health laboratories, and two Farmer’s Market facilities. The Board reviews grant proposals and considers projects in the areas of education, marketing, and research in support of the horse industry within the Commonwealth of Virginia. To date, the VHIB has awarded more than $2 million in grants and provided numerous sponsorships to promote the horse industry throughout the state.

Scope of Work:

The VHIB is seeking the development of a five (5) year strategic marketing plan that encompasses the marketing of the Virginia Horse Industry Board and the diverse horse industry in Virginia. This marketing plan should take into consideration VHIB’s existing resources to include the VHIB website (, logo, Virginia is for Horse Lovers slogan, social media, grant program, Virginia Bred program, sponsorships and current activities and efforts. The plan should also include, but not be limited to, considerations for tourism, recreation, competition, racing, education, and include components which allow the marketing efforts to reach both an in-state and out-of-state audience and an audience of those currently within the horse industry and those outside of the industry. VHIB is seeking a comprehensive marketing plan that includes strategies for both promoting the Virginia Horse Industry Board and the horse industry in Virginia. VHIB is seeking a plan that can identify priorities for the Board and provide direction on implementing them in the most effective manner.

Offerors shall be responsible for providing all of the resources needed to perform the services. The five (5) year strategic marketing plan is desired no later than October 31, 2019.

Due Date:

July 16th, 2019


VA Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Kevin Steinbrecher / Office of Procurement, 102 Governor Street, Room 239, Richmond, VA 23219

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