Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles Issues Advertising and Media RFP

The State of Nevada Purchasing Division on behalf of the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (NDMV) is soliciting proposals for an integrated marketing and media buying contract. This contract will include the development of marketing strategies, media and materials to be utilized in two NDMV advertising campaigns as well as developing media buy schedules and purchasing advertisements.


The mission of the NDMV is to provide progressive and responsive service to the citizens of Nevada; maintain strict controls to ensure the accurate collection and timely distribution of all revenues; contribute to the safety of those driving our highways through licensing, monitoring and intervention practice; assist Nevada in meeting federally mandated air quality standards; protect consumers and businesses against fraud and unfair business practices and ensure the integrity and privacy of public records.

The Department of Motor Vehicles shall administer contract(s) resulting from this RFP. The resulting contract(s) shall be for an initial contract term of four (4) years, anticipated to begin July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2023, subject to Board of Examiners approval, with the option to renew for an additional two (2) years, if in the best interest of the State. This contract will be administered by the NDMV.

NDMV’s Advertising Campaign has two elements:

                1) A Public Education component to inform Nevada residents about NDMV services, hereafter referred to as “Public Education”; and

                2) A Smoking Vehicle education program to create awareness and encourage citizens to report air quality violators, hereafter referred to as “SVOR.”

NDMV’s estimated budget for the four-year contract term, based on current funding levels, is $1,452,696, of which $952,500 is allocated to Public Education and $500,196 is allocated to SVOR.

Scope of Work:

The awarded vendor agrees to work closely with NDMV staff to accomplish the following:

-Develop integrated marketing communication strategies and tactics in alignment with the DMV Strategic Plan 2018-2022 (Attachment H) and DMV Strategic Communication Plan 2018-2022 (Attachment I). Vendor will also be responsible to determine the appropriate public relations and paid media mix for the two campaigns and each campaign’s goals. The major goal of each campaign is as follows:

·         To inform, educate and engage Nevada’s residents on general NDMV services (Public Education Account), including promotion of online and other alternative services, and communicating new services, laws or Departmental changes to the public;

·         Encourage public participation in the “SmogSpotter” Smoking Vehicle Observation Report program. (SVOR Account)

                -Develop advertising creative messages, media and materials to be utilized in the programs.

                -Develop media buy schedules, purchase spots, ad space, and online ads to communicate each               campaign’s messaging within budget and with consideration to the best use of resources.

                -Campaign Planning and Tracking

The NDMV will work together with the awarded vendor to develop a Strategic Marketing Plan and a Tactics Calendar for each campaign and each fiscal year. Both documents will be reviewed and adjusted throughout the year. The Tactics Calendars, in particular, are subject to change throughout the year as conditions dictate. The Strategic Marketing Plans and Tactics Calendars will be developed or revisited as the beginning of each fiscal year approaches.

                Tracking the success of the Campaigns:

                The success of the Campaigns must be measurable. Vendors shall define in their proposals how the success of the Campaign will be measured and provide, quarterly and upon the completion of each campaign, progress reports on the success of the Campaigns in addition to the measurements as defined in Section 2.11, Advertising and Measurement. All statistical and analytical measurements must remain consistent across all reports to provide a clear understanding of growth, decay and effectiveness over time. Appropriate documentation includes, but is not limited to:

·         Web page statistics and/or analytics;

·         Marketing reports;

·         Social Media interactions, reach, data, or other analytics

·         Transaction counts supplied by NDMV, such as web services usage and SVOR reports

                Campaign-Specific Goals, Objective and Tasks:

                Public Education Campaign

·         Ensure advertising messaging meets legislative target goals for both reach and frequency, demonstrating continuous growth and education;

·         Decrease physical location patron visits by agreed upon percentage;

·         Increase unique visitors by agreed upon percentage;

·         Increase all web transactions by agreed upon percentage;

·         Strengthen the agency’s profile on social media; incorporate creative and efficient means of technology to better serve customers via social media outlets;

·         Assist targeted outreach to specific demographics to achieve the Department’s goals. Campaign examples for this type of work include: Online address changes for those moving; Spanish language tutorials or education for DAC holders whom are not utilizing MyDMV accounts; or online original vehicle registration.

·         Consult on website organization and content.

·         Develop foreign language materials as outlined in Section 2.9

                SVOR Campaign:

·         Host and maintain website or its successor. Program and implement improvements to the site including, but not limited to, providing a web service data feed to transmit smoking vehicle reports to NDMV database.

·         Administer toll-free telephone number service for SmogSpotter number, 844- END-SMOG. Calls are forwarded to existing NDMV voice mail accounts.

·         NDMV’s goal is to bring the host and maintain the website inhouse and to administer the toll-free number without the assistance of the vendor. Vendor will perform the duties in this section and assist in the transition(s) to inhouse administration as needed.

·         Research, design and procure advertising specialty items for distribution at special events.

                Project Management:

·         Awarded vendor shall provide one point of contact and one backup who shall work with the NDMV’s Public information team.

·         Awarded vendor will be required to be available for regular meetings with NDMV staff (as needed at the discretion of the NDMV). Meetings may take place in-person, via teleconference, videoconference, or via the internet. Selected vendor will be responsible for coordination of meetings, including teleconferencing, Go-To meetings or similar services.

·         Travel is not required under this RFP. All travel costs for vendor’s staff will be the responsibility of the vendor unless specifically authorized in advance by NDMV.

                Brand Development:

·         Assist in the consistency and evolution of the NDMV brand identity.

                New Initiatives:

·         The awarded vendor will advise the NDMV on appropriate advertising and marketing opportunities that may help communicate the NDMV brand message to the targeted audiences as outlined in the DMV Strategic Plan 2018-2022 (Attachment H) and DMV Strategic Communication Plan 2018-2022

·         (Attachment I). The vendor will also provide advice on other related communication, advertising and public relations matters as requested by the NDMV.

                Foreign Language Materials:

                Foreign language materials with a focus on Spanish are required as part of the Public Education                 marketing and education plan.

                Public Education messaging will target Hispanic customers as follows:

·         Social Media promotion via Spanish-language targeted posts

·         Spanish-language online radio advertising

·         English-language radio

·         Other needs as required by circumstance or opportunity. NDMV may consider Spanish-language outreach for the SVOR campaign.


·         All advertising and campaign creative materials will be sent in advance of each flight and are subject to final approval by the Department prior to release or use.

·         The awarded vendor will also provide a detailed recommendations document for each flight that outlines the goals, objectives, specifics of the media buys and expected results.

·         All materials will be kept in a central archive to enable reconciliation with the monthly invoices submitted for payment. This could be accomplished by the awarded vendor setting up an SFTP that would allow both entities access.

·         All materials/media prepared and developed for this project will become the property of the State of Nevada and shall be provided to the State upon demand and in an agreed upon format. The awarded vendor will have 30 days upon the request of materials/media by the NDMV to complete any request. If the requests breadth and scope are larger than anticipated, or due to unforeseen circumstances, the awarded vendor and NDMV may mutually agree upon another timeframe.

·         Deliver media and materials to be approved by NDMV, allowing for three (3) business days, or another time as mutually agreed upon by the awarded vendor and the NDMV, for each version to be approved by the NDMV.

·         All revisions and final versions must be approved by the Director or Director’s designee of the NDMV.

·         The awarded vendor shall be responsible for the purchase of any paid media to be used in the performance of the awarded vendor’s service to fulfill the requirements of the campaign on behalf of the NDMV.

                Advertising Measurement: and Creative

·         At the end of each campaign flight, the awarded vendor will provide a full media summary. The summary includes:

·         The number of people the message reached and how many times it reached them (i.e., Reach, frequency, impressions).

·         The number of times people engaged with the message (i.e., click thrus, shares, likes, etc.).

·         The added value negotiated and received by each media vendor.

·         The legislative goal of the Public Education Campaign is a minimum reach of 75 percent of the target audience with a minimum frequency rate of 5.

Due Date:

March 14th, 2019. 


State’s Designated Representative:

Heather Moon, Purchasing Officer

State of Nevada, Purchasing Division

515 E. Musser Street, Suite 300

Carson City, NV 89701

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