Marketing Strategies for Software Companies

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These days with the exponential growth of technologies, software, and numerous Internet companies, the way a new solution is marketed to consumers ends up being crucial to a company’s success. Simply releasing an excellent product is no longer enough. These days companies have to market and promote their solutions, activities, as well as build brand awareness with the target audience to drive lead acquisition and stay at the front of consumers’ minds. Fortunately, software companies can get a large number of clients and stay ahead of the competition by personalizing the buying journey and optimizing the entire sales funnel.

Agile marketing approach

Most software companies are already using an agile approach when working on product or solutions development. The same approach should be used with promotional and marketing campaigns. The focus should be on rapid iterations instead of looking to create and execute big marketing campaigns that end up taking too much time both in terms of creating the campaign, as well as executing it.

The goal of this approach should be to develop, release and continuously test every campaign in the span of just a few months to be able to gather as much information as possible. From that information, the company can then adapt and improve all future campaigns accordingly. This way the business and its marketing team can keep up with the fast-paced marketing environment of the software industry, where new tools and features are constantly released.

Customer retention

Without loyal customers, no business can survive, and businesses in the software industry are no exceptions to that rule. According to research, it costs companies between 5 to 25 times more to acquire brand new customers instead of retaining the existing ones. That’s why companies should be working on making sure that the existing customers stick around and continue making repeat purchases.

Aside from optimizing the user experience, other key elements to customer retention strategies should be educating them. This way the company will be teaching the consumers how they can achieve their goals and illuminate any pain points with the help of the solutions. There are plenty of different ways for companies to educate their target audience, but as long as the business can distribute informative and valuable content strategically throughout the entire buying journey for the consumers, there are plenty of opportunities to offer value to the target audience.


It’s not easy for marketers to do everything themselves regarding promotional campaigns, which is where technology comes in handy. There are plenty of different tools and software that can be used to outsource simple or even complex tasks to help in this department. Companies that are able to invest in more sophisticated automation tools can get an advantage in effectively completing all marketing tasks, which leads to accelerating the rules of the company.

With the help of automation technologies, businesses can leverage all website data, into events that will trigger automated scenarios. Though it largely depends on the solution that the company provides its consumers, there are plenty of different scenarios that can be created with such automation tools that can be used to enhance the buying journey for the consumers.

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