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The Library Shop operates under the Retail Section of the Library’s Office of Business Enterprises. The Library of Congress Shop supports the Library’s mission through the development and sales of products based on the Library’s collections, exhibitions and architecture. The Library Shop features custom and general gifts and souvenirs. Many items are exclusive reproductions and adaptations fr om our rich collections. In developing products, the Shop staff work closely with curatorial staff to refine concepts for accuracy. Items are created in support of exhibits and are representative of our vast collections. The Retail Section plans on using a digital first strategy to grow its online customer base and sales. It will do so through the creation of digital flipbooks (i.e. catalogs), digital marketing, and the creation of some print materials in support promoting its merchandising assortment. The intent is to develop creative materials and buys that are consistent with the Library’s brand and public outreach. Distribution will be primarily through the Library channels, with additional support through advertising buys. Digital creative will be searchable. Merchandise for marketing efforts will be preselected by Library staff and communicated to the vendor. The Library will require creative support in the areas of photography, design and layout, production, copywriting/editing. Editing support will include editing provided copy and proofreading to ensure all elements are grammatically correct and a consistent style.


The Library requires marketing content development and support services which include creative services that support the production and distribution of the annual digital flipbooks, print collateral and advertising. Production activities include design, photography, copywriting/editing, file production, printing and advertising placement/buys.


Design and Layout

The Library will determine the final number of pages to be produced each year. Pages will range from 12 to 40. The Library will determine the number of flipbooks or other collateral needed each year. In some years, more than one project (i.e. flipbook) will be required. The Library may opt to produce print collateral in support of its marketing efforts. Print materials may be in the form of a combination of postcards, sales sheets, and catalogs. The Library requires final approval of all creative plans and output regardless of form at. Standard sizes and quantities will be provided in Attachment 1. Schedules for each project will be provided with the task order for that year. Minor adjustments to page size for printing efficiencies can be recommended by the vendor for acceptance by the Library. The Library requires approval of layouts for all pages prior to production and photography. Layouts shall depict all creative elements. Actual and FPO (for position only) product images will be provided by the Library. The vendor shall assume two rounds of layout changes/edits are required for all projects.

The vendor shall work with the Library to create a materials that aligns with qualitative standards of past projects and peer cultural institutions, such as the White House Historical Association Catalog, Smithsonian Catalog, and Winthethur Catalog. The designer will deliver press ready files with complete content to printer as specified on the final production schedule. The designer will also deliver a searchable digital file of the catalog to interface with our store website via flipbook technology which they will purchase. Project management is required.

File Preparation and Delivery

The vendor will prepare the final production file so that it is RIP (raster image processor) ready for print projects. The final file format and settings must be acceptable and compatible with the selected printer’s technology (i.e. Adobe Indesign) or digital production requirements. Designer will prepare all prepress elements (pre-flight) for print readiness including fonts, page dimensions, graphic positioning/resolution, colors, layers, paths, bleeds, etc. Files will be delivered to the printer electronically through secure portals/protocols based on the approved production schedule. All collateral sent to the Library for this order shall specify:


Library of Congress Retail Shop, Room LJC07 101

Independence Avenue, SE

Washington, DC 20540

Photography and Color Correction

The Library will provide photo-ready samples to be at the photo location per the final production schedule. The Library requires all photography in digital format suitable for use in print and online. Photography shall adhere to the specifications in the final layouts accepted by the Library. Photography rates shall include any color corrections/separations required to match photos to actual product. The Library requires notification of the photography schedule in advance to ensure timely approval of all photography. Photography shall be posted on a secure FTP site for Library review and approval. The Library will approve/disapprove all photography in writing and will notify the vendor in writing if a reshoot is required. The Library will approve all shots within 36 business hours. The Library requires still photography and anticipates 3 lifestyle shots (included in total shot count) that encompass multiple items in settings. If vendor recommends any location photography for these shots, those costs shall be included. The Library, with advance notification to the vendor, may choose to attend the photo shoot.

Copywriting and editing

The Library will provide the vendor with product descriptions, features and benefits for each item featured. We will also provide an y editorial content that should be incorporated into each two-page spread. The vendor will be required to edit the copy for fit (spacing as determined by the layouts), consistency of tone/ style and branding. The vendor will be responsible for editing and proofreading final layouts for accuracy and grammar per the product specifications provided by the Library.

Deadline is June 30.

Agencies to consider includes Coyne PR and MWWPR.

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