Marketing Trends: Video Content, Thought Leadership and Influencers…

Some more predictions on the year to come from some leading marketers.

Malte Scholz, CEO and Co-Founder of Airfocus says, “One of the biggest trends in marketing will be video content. Statistics show that 71% of people watch more video than they did just one year ago (Hubspot). This means that in order to stay relevant, marketers will have to create and promote original, high-resolution videos. Another imperative next year will be the quality of promotional content. The technology has advanced so much and now virtually every video has professional production which means that businesses have to invest a lot of resources in creating quality content that will be competitive in the market.”

Bernie Wong, Founder and Owner of Social Stand Limited said, “Video marketing and thought leadership will be two of the biggest trends in the coming year. Short videos in particular would become more prominent, so brands should note how to use short video and combine it with UGC to maximize the reach and brand influence. Another thing that I predict will be big in marketing in 2021 is social commerce, which we have already seen the effects of during the coronavirus pandemic.”

Joby Antony, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at InfinCE, a product of Fingent said, “With Google ending support for third-party cookies in Chrome by 2022 and advertising budgets getting slashed due to the pandemic recession, digital marketers will employ next-gen CRMs to identify patterns in first-party data for focused messaging and campaigns. Beyond sales pipeline monitoring, digital interaction tracking, and contact management, marketers will look for CRMs with advanced features like AI integration, voice technology, customization, sales automation, and detailed analytics to stay ahead of the game. Gartner’s 2019 CIO Agenda Survey stated that by the end of 2021, AI-powered CRM activities would boost global business revenue by $1.1 trillion. This figure indicates the rise of advanced CRM marketing.”

Arnas Vasiliauskas, Chief Innovation Product Officer of said, “In the future, PR content and materials would be painting a Millennial and Gen Z tone. These generations are the first wave of modern consumers, and it is most likely that PR would shift to a language that is somewhat exclusive and distinctive to these age groups. The world can also expect to hear more from “influencers” as they will become an integral part of the PR landscape in the future. Gone are the days when companies would have to speak for themselves, the sponsorship of YouTubers, celebrities, and influencers would even grow as they will continue to be the ones to represent and speak for businesses.

Sustainability will also become the game-changer for the business industry’s marketing future. This will become a crucial deciding factor for consumers as studies after studies proved that Millennials — one of the leading consumer age groups —will spend more money on sustainable and eco-friendly products. Be embracing sustainable innovations, you’re letting your market know that your company cares more than just the profits. This will be the catalyst for businesses to be known by their audiences.”

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