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FAMU Medical Marijuana Education and Research Initiative (MMERI) media advertising and consulting services to support statewide education broadcasting, community engagement outreach and multi-media campaign.


FAMU’s academic achievements are what set it apart as a unique learning experience. In 2014, FAMU was recognized among the 2014 U.S. News & World Report’s “Best National Universities.” The U.S. News & World Report lists FAMU as the top public historically black college or university in the nation for 2015. It is also listed among The Princeton Review’s “Best in the Southeast” colleges and is one of the top picks for providing a high quality education at an affordable price in Florida, according to The College Database (2013).

FAMU values diversity in thought, perspective, and culture. The University enrolls nearly 10,000 students hailing from across the United States and more than 70 countries, including several African countries, the Bahamas, Brazil, Indonesia, China, and the United Arab Emirates, to name a few. The student body includes representatives from all ethnic, socio-economic, and religious backgrounds.

Scope of Work:

Customized Multilingual Multimedia Outreach Campaign/Activities

• Text Messaging Blast Campaign

• Statewide database Email Marketing (English & Spanish)

• E-Newsletter blasts (Radio Stations Specific/Driven)

• Custom Graphics Creation, Production and/or Modification

• Weekly strategic coordination and distribution of produced content

(audio/video/scripts/graphics) to all MMERI partners in Radio, TV and Websites as directed by


• Translation of MMERI Outreach and Train-the-Trainer Print Materials

• This includes translations during the month for the various newspaper & print materials,

targeted advertisements distributed and broadcast through the various multimedia platforms in

support of MMERI’s mandate (In addition to Spanish and Creole, Vendor may occasionally

provide translations in other languages as added value)

Community Engagement Outreach and Education through Street Teams

Targeted Street Team Community Engagement (includes the creation, production and distribution of

flyers and collaterals in English and Spanish as directed by FAMU MMERI to foster outreach in hardto-reach places, minority neighborhoods and populations across Florida

Special Events Multimedia Outreach

Broadcasting of MMERI programming at activities such as Florida Based Festivals, Concerts and

Highly Publicized Theme Events across 11 major media markets

Statewide Podcast Broadcasting

Statewide daily podcast broadcasting of MMERI Education messaging through channels targeting

Florida’s minorities and diverse populations


Statewide Radio Broadcasts and Education Outreach across 11 major Media Markets

(including but not limited to block shows and promos)

• Miami

• West Palm Beach

• Orlando

• Tallahassee

• Melbourne

• Tampa

• Jacksonville

• Punta Gorda

• Fort Myers

• Sarasota

• Panama City

Targeted Digital (Statewide)

Audience Targeting

Social (FB, IG, Twitter, etc.)



Radio Streaming

Video Production and Translation Services

Video Production

Audio production

Creole and/or Spanish Video/Audio translation

Non-Profit Community Outreach Engagement

Collaborate with FAMU MMERI in the recruitment and management of partnerships of a broad range

of Florida based nonprofit organizations and State University System (SUS) institutions in the

fulfillment of MMERI’s program mandate. Work with the MMERI team and partners to ensure said

entities have robust operating infrastructures to reach desired demographics, populations and

communities whether in rural and/or urban areas.

Conversations on Cannabis Forum and MMERI Quarterly Reports Coordination

Work with MMERI Team and partners on planning and implementation of quarterly public education

campaign strategies and activities

Community engagement planning and strategy formation

Public education campaign plan outcome data review, assessment, updates and strategy formation

Virtual Forum Coordination, Production, and Technical Directing

Event planning, implementation and guest relations

Hosting and production

Pre- and post-production and multichannel distribution

Graphic design of event marketing materials

Outcome assessment

Quarterly reports

E-newsletter Production and Distribution

Editorial plan

Newsletter content

Graphic design


Database updates

Distribution (2xs – original and ICYMI – In case you missed it deployments)

Copywriting and Content creation

Copy for campaign ads, collaterals and materials (social, web, print, digital)

Assistance with Print Media Content and Administration

Developing monthly flight plans

Graphic design and placement of print media ads

Administration of Print media vendors

Graphic Design of Event Marketing Materials

Work with the MMERI Team on the coordination, development and production of targeted and

specialized consumer focused education content and collaterals as determined by MMERI program


Develop content and collaterals for distribution through MMERI’s community outreach partners and

via MMERI’s extensive multi-media channels

Work with MMERI on education modules development

Learning Management System (LMS)

Collaborate with the FAMU MMERI Team in the design, development, implementation and

management of an LMS to advance MMERI’s education materials, course(s), modules, collaterals


Due Date: September 14, 2021 @ 2.00 P.M


Office of Procurement Services

Florida A & M University

2380 Wahnish Way, Room 214

Tallahassee, FL 32307

(850) 599-3203 (Office)

(850) 561-2160 (Fax)



Bonfire Website:

Relevant agencies to consider include Prosek Partners and Hunter PR.

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