Media RFP Issued In Ohio

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) releases this Request for Proposals (RFP) on behalf of The Office of Families and Children (OFC), Adult Protective Services (APS) section for the purpose of obtaining one (1) or more qualified public relations or marketing firms to manage and implement all aspects of OFC’s statewide elder abuse awareness campaign. ODJFS is seeking one (1) to two (2) qualified vendors experienced in obtaining paid and earned media that reaches all eighty-eight (88) counties in Ohio, using established brand and design guidelines to disseminate statewide campaigns using multiple formats and mediums.


Ohio’s APS law was enacted in 1981 and can be found in Ohio Revised Code (ORC) sections 5101.60 through 5101.72 and was put in place to help vulnerable adults age sixty (60) and over who are in danger of harm, are unable to protect themselves, and may have no one to assist them. Ohio’s APS program is administered by the eighty-eight (88) County Department of Job and Family Services or their designated agencies. The program has experienced significant growth over the last five (5) yearsincluding, requiring mandatory training for APS workers and supervisors; the creation of an electronic case management system; the ability for county agencies to accept referrals 24/7; the expansion of those mandated to report elder abuse; and an online referral portal as well as a toll-free referral line. In 2018, ODJFS was awarded Federal Grant 90EJSG0026-01-00, Ohio APS Program Expansion Project. One of the components of this grant is to put in place a public awareness campaign focusing on elder abuse awareness in Ohio

Scope of Work:

ODJFS is seeking one (1) or more vendors to create, manage and implement aspects of the statewide elder abuse awareness campaign. The selected vendor(s) for the project will work with ODJFS to accomplish the following:

A. Create a media and outreach plan for the campaign that will reach communities in all eighty-eight (88) counties in the state of Ohio. This media and outreach plan will help educate the public about elder abuse by:

1. Providing people with accurate information about what elder abuse is, where it happens and how to recognize it.

2. Show people that elder justice is relevant to them – if not directly, then through their parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors.

3. Reducing the stigma of victimization and let people who are abused know that abuse is not their fault.

4. Fighting ageism with messages that strengthen a system of values in which older adults are respected and appreciated.

B. Implement the ODJFS approved campaign media plan, beginning February, 2021 through August 31, 2021 by placing and procuring all media buys.

C. Create four (4) to eight (8) digital media advertisements, using existing campaign assets, to be strategically placed in digital media with targeted demographic viewers including: 1. Ad targeting based on geographic, contextual, and behavior demographics. 2. Location based geo-fence targeting of individuals based on zip code or county with the ability to change the message based on the demographic.

D. Develop or utilize vendor’s existing email address database of individuals that are in different demographic groups (individuals that may need services, program stakeholders, those who work with individuals that may need services) from across the state to receive direct messaging via email, newsletters, and print or digital media. 1. Develop email targeted messages, using completed campaign graphics and imagery, that increases ODJFS APS website traffic and statewide campaign awareness. E. Obtain earned media (radio, television and/or digital) in various regions of the State that reach all eightyeight (88) counties. F. Provide technical assistance, such as recommendations for effective posts, timing of posts and targeting methods, etc., to ODJFS staff to develop social media posts and website content with the goal to increase campaign awareness and promote the overall purpose of the APS program. 4.2 Administrative Structures—Proposed Work Plan Vendors are to include, at minimum, the following administrative structures and technical approach for the proposed work plan. The vendor shall:

A. State the key objectives of the proposed project. Vendors are advised to refrain from simply restating the objectives as identified in Section 1.4 of this RFP;

B. Provide a technical approach and work plan to be implemented. This includes a proposed timeline for the project;

C. Provide a status reporting procedure for reporting work completed, and resolution of unanticipated problems;

D. Provide a timeline for each component of the scope of work and the project overall including the staff hours for personnel involved. Include a Table of Organization (including any subcontractors) and a chart showing the number of hours devoted to the project by vendor or subcontractor staff. Specify the key management and administrative personnel who will be assigned to this project. The vendor must provide the percentage of time each key management person will devote to the project;

4.3 Specifications of Deliverables The contracted services shall include, but may not be limited to, the following areas:

A. Secure statewide earned media for World Elder Abuse Awareness Month:

1. Secure one (1) television and/or radio appearance in all major markets, during the June 1, 2021 – June 30, 2021 period. Secure television and/or radio ads/appearances in the Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo and Youngstown markets as well as markets that reach Southeast Ohio.

2. Radio and/or television appearances can be of various formats (interview, panel discussions, etc.) and will include the OFC Deputy Director and possibly various State/County APS staff members who reside in the market areas and Southeast Ohio.

3. Develop an earned media outreach plan that outlines how vendor will secure the various earned media as well as the methods that will be used to monitor and report the approximate numbers of those individuals who received the awareness information through the earned media.

4. Develop the earned media outreach plan and submit it to ODJFS by May 1, 2021.

Due Date:

February 8, 2021 3:00 pm


Padilla pr and Zeno Group are agencies to consider for this assignment.

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