Mercedes Benz sells sustainability with electric vehicles

The shift to electric mobility is essential in building a sustainable future. Daimler AG, whose luxury automobile brand is Mercedes Benz, is pushing ahead with the change to emission-free mobility. Sustainability is one of the key elements of Daimler’s corporate strategy and hence they are ready to make Mercedes Benz all electric by the end of the decade. Mercedes Benz will offer battery electric vehicles in all segments the company serves.

All new vehicle architectures will be electric-only from 2025 onwards. Customers will be able to choose an all-electric alternative for each model the company makes. Mercedes Benz intends to manage the transformation while sticking to its profitability targets. It will promote its line of electric vehicles with a 20-city test drive tour . The first vehicle from this line, the 2022 EQS sedan, is slated to hit the U.S. market later this fall. The local test drive tour kicked off in Orange County and Las Vegas on October 6th, and will continue across the U.S. until March 2022.

Mercedes Bez is adopting experiential tactics to engage with customers across a wide range of issues. Sustainability is increasingly becoming a priority with customers, as many of them are choosing environmentally friendly electric or hybrid vehicles. The brand also has a plan to be carbon neutral by 2039. Their R&D team is working with partners and startups alike to improve their performance and bring costs down.

In addition to their luxury cars, Mercedes-Benz brand will also be electrifying their trucks, vans, and buses. They are also continuing to work on solutions like eFuels. Their new production site in Jawor, Poland is an example of how sustainability and cost efficiency can go together. The wind power used at the site makes production greener and is also more economical than the use of conventional power. Conducting workshops with suppliers to identify effective CO2 measures is also on the agenda of the company.

Mercedes will also work with partners like SilaNano for their next-generation battery . They will work with SilaNano to further increase energy density by using a silicon-carbon composite in the battery’s anode. This will make way for unprecedented range and even shorter charging times. Mercedes Benz is also working on setting new standards for charging. ‘Plug and charge’ will enable customers to plug in, charge, and unplug their vehicles without going through the complicated steps needed for payment authentication. The brand is also working with Shell on expanding the charging network. The new Mercedes Benz EQS has components which are manufactured resource-efficiently, using recycled and renewable raw materials. Recycled plastic is being used in components like underbody panels as well as in many smaller parts like pushbuttons and cable fasteners.

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