Bospar: Tech PR Firm

Chris Boehlke and Curtis Sparrer, co-founders and principals at Bospar PR, started the award-winning agency in 2015. Over the years, the firm has grown into a boutique tech PR agency that leverages the expertise of highly-seasoned pros to put brands on the map. Working with diverse networks, Buspar’s team enables brands to achieve success with their thought leadership, investor excitement, customer acquisition, and influencer engagement campaigns.

Based in San Francisco, California, and working with clients like Cambium Networks, lntapp, LevaData, nCipher, Snow Software, and Unisys, the PR agency empowers brands to capitalize on breakthrough products for PR success.

Building upon its staff’s extensive experience, Bospar taps into the diverse expertise to deliver campaigns that succeed through social and conventional media, influencer marketing, and other approaches. That said: the agency’s unique services, successful campaign, and recent awards highlight how the brand makes ripples in the PR space.

Key Services

#1. Content Marketing

Bospar’s content marketing service provides the bridge between a brand’s PR campaigns and social programs. Thanks to the diverse expertise, the PR firm identifies newsworthy attributes of a product offering, communicating these aspects clearly to the target audiences.

The agency’s content marketing approach specializes in positioning and branding, press releases, corporate and media backgrounders, and blog posts. Other specialties include messaging, bylined articles, video content, and website copy.

#2. Social Media Marketing

Through Bospar’s social media service, brands can amplify their media coverage and other PR initiatives by creating and sharing highly-engaging content. Collaborating with Bospar’s social media experts, brands create campaigns that align with their business objectives.

The award-winning agency has expertise in content curation, paid social campaigns, influencer engagement, social media training, social video creation, event coverage, and social graphics creation. Other specialties include LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook management, campaign alignment, and executive social programs.

#3. Public Relations (PR)

Built upon the expertise of marketers, former journalists, and SEO pros, Bospar’s PR team has nurtured the art of converting business objectives into highly engaging PR campaigns. Bospar’s PR service can design PR campaigns that offer brands a suitable foundation for effective integrated marketing activities.

The agency’s PR team specialized in influencer relations, presentation training, trade shows, and support, SEO backlinking programs, crisis communications, analysts, and bloggers. Other specialties include trade show support and media training.

Notable Campaigns

#1. Unisys Campaign

Challenged by the need to develop research questions, source important respondents, and field an effective survey that would attract coverage, Unisys approached Bospar to add a sex appeal to its story.

Bospar’s team reviewed findings from more than 13,000 consumers and recommended that Unisys position the Security Index as the “October Surprise” during the 2018 midterm elections. Since the company’s research showed that more than 20% of Americans said they would not vote in the 2018 midterms, a story dubbed the “October Surprise” would create buzz.

Leveraging Fox News’ expertise and targeting media markets and reporters with toss-up elections, a release of the story on Fox News caused Unisys stock to soar, reaching $19.27, which is close to the company’s 52-week high.

At the same time, breaking news on the Unisys Security index featured on New York’s WPIX, and Detroit’s WYMD. The campaign secured more than 145 broadcast placements in total.

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