Who are the Top Seattle PR Firms

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What makes a top PR firm? It takes flexibility, creativity, and a willingness to use different areas of public relations to be successful. These top Seattle PR firms do all of this and more. They have become exceptional in their field because of their diligence and understanding of what it takes to succeed in public relations.

So who are the leading Public Relations Agencies in the Seattle, Washington area?

buzz builders everything-pr

Buzz Builders

Buzz Builders is a PR firm that focuses on helping startups get going, especially those in the field of technology. Currently, they handle public relations for some of the most successful startups in the Pacific Northwest. Though not a massive company like many of the top firms, Buzz Builders continues to rank highly. They say one of the reasons for this is that though their team is small, everyone is dedicated and has at least ten years of experience in the PR field.

communique pr everything-pr


Communique PR

Founded in 2004, Communique PR handles public relations both nationally and globally. Their expertise spans a number of industries, from technology and healthcare to entertainment and travel. The founding principle of Communique is that PR is a means to an end. PR should help a business achieve market shares, grow a brand or drive sales.

porter novelli everything-pr

Porter Novelli

Porter Novelli is a global public relations firm and represents some well-known companies such as the Navy Federal Credit Union, Johnson and Johnson, and FDIC. Don’t let these big name clients intimidate you, though. Porter Novelli prides itself on taking care of each PR situation individually and uniquely. In recent years, the company has become known for its inventive use of social media as a public relations tool.

Launch everything-pr

Launch Communications

Launch designs strategic PR programs that get businesses attention. They have clients that are startups, as well as established businesses, and they work hard to stay on budget so a public relations campaign will not hurt a company’s bottom line with unexpected expenses. Launch works in a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, financial services, and technology. This wide range of experience makes Launch Communications ideal for handling just about any public relations need you may have.

Having an effective PR strategy begins with having a great firm to handle it. If you are looking for a PR company in Seattle and you want the best of the best, then check out these highly acclaimed firms. No matter what you need in terms of PR, they will be able to help you reach out to the public and get exposure for your business. PR is one of the most important aspects of business, and these companies are the best at what they do.

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