Who are the 9 Leading Mexican Public Relations Firms?

Mexico PR FIrms

Sharing a border makes Mexico the most accessible Latin American country to the United States. As the economy of the Latin American region continues to Mexico to grow. Check out the list below to see what nine PR companies stand out from the rest in Mexico.

Zimat Consultores

Zimat Consultores

Zimat Consultores ranks as one of Mexico’s top communications consulting firms. The firm began its successful history in 1980 under the ownership of Bruno Newman. Newman still holds the position of co-director today.

From the years 2001 to 2005, Zimat existed as part of the larger Interpublic Group, which is one of the largest communications firms in the world. However, from 2005 onwards, Zimat remained a 100% Mexican-owned and privately held firm.

The company’s service offers include strategic communications, and creative solutions. To provide this, Zimat uses its own methodology, called Comunicación Total®. Zimat employs more than 90 people in several different fields; including marketing, finance, organizational crisis, public affairs and digital marketing.

The company’s client listing includes some of the most well-known firms in Mexico, such as, Colgate, Avon, Universal Studios, and TRESemmé.



This firm is comprised of a group of committed and experienced executives, who believe a mixture of young thinking and local knowledge creates competitiveness in the Mexican market. AlterPraxis focuses on alternative routes and diverse practices to deliver meaningful campaigns.

This agency employs just over 30 professionals with solid academic backgrounds. Together, they work to meet the needs of more than 100 brands at both the national and international levels in various industries. Celebrating ten years of business, the company features an enviable client list which includes, Dunkin Donuts, (RED), Heineken, and Siemens.

Four partners and co-founders lead the team at AlterPraxis; namely, Jorge Acosta, Leticia Mar, Andrea Perelló and Gabriella Villa. In 2014, AlterPraxis partnered with Ketchum as an exclusive affiliate in Mexico. Through this partnership both companies broadened their global reach and strengthened their hold on the Mexican market.



JeffreyGroup is now the largest independent agency in Latin America. In fact, projects in Latin America generate more than half of this firm’s revenues. The company runs offices in not just Brazil and Argentina, but Mexico as well. JeffreyGroup styles itself as a marketing and corporate communications agency, and helps companies to inform, engage, motivate and persuade audiences in Latin America.

Over the past two decades, this firm has built a solid reputation based on a history of successfully serving the world’s most well-known brands, since Jeffrey Sharlach founded the company in 1993. To do this, the firm provides a full range of public relations, marketing, digital and corporate communication services throughout the region.

The firm employs more than 120 employees and offices in the U.S., Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. They take pride in their Latin roots and boast an impressive client roster, which includes names like Amazon, American Airlines, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, Nikon, Spotify, and Xerox.



Manuel E. Machado and Al Garcia-Serra originally founded MGSCOMM in 2003. Today, the PR Division of MGSCOMM does business under the name SWAY. This represents the ability of the firm to “sway” consumers towards making purchasing decisions that positively affect the brands of the clients the company represents.

MGSCOMM runs a successful branch in Mexico, but built its headquarters in Miami. Courtney Cunningham heads the company as CEO and brings more than 25 years of experience in public relations to the table.



A Mexican company founded in 1989, InfoSol ranks among the 15 most important PR agencies in Mexico. The company provides integrated communication services to reach consumers and influence them to see the brands that the company represents in a favorable light.

The company attributes its success to four core values which influence everyday operations. The core values include the provision of ethical service, continuous improvement, respect for individuals and the importance of social responsibility.

Founded more than 25 years ago, InfoSol, uses these core values to deliver quality service by understanding a client’s specific business and unique needs. This commitment to excellence earned them A-list clients like Xerox, Kodak, and Motorola

Llorente & Cuenca  Llorente & Cuenca

José Llorente and Olga Cuenca founded Llorente & Cuenca in 1995 with a special focus on reputation management. Since then the company has grown through partnerships, acquisitions, and expanding into new markets. Today, the company is a leading public relations company in Latin countries across the world, such as Spain, Portugal, and Panama. In 2007, the company also launched operations in Mexico.

According to the Holmes Report, through its involvement in Latin America, the company improved its fee income by 85% between 2009 and 2014. In fact, last year, the Spain-based agency reported a fee earning of €24.4 million, or roughly US $25.9 million. This showed a 12.5% increase from 2013.

The company also received numerous awards for their exceptional service. In 2014, the company won the title of “Public Relations Agency of the Year in Mexico” at the Central and South America level in the International Business Awards.

Porter Novelli Mexico

Porter Novelli Mexico

In 2015, Holmes Report named Porter Novelli “Mexico Agency of the Year”. Karen Ovseyevitz, a female veteran of the industry, heads the firm’s operations in Mexico. In fact, the firm she founded years before, Martec, became part of Porter Novelli in 1998 after a buyout. At the time, Martec was already a veteran of PR in the market and provided the skills and relationships Porter needed to get a head start.

Today, the Mexican office employs about 550 workers and relies on local knowledge to successfully represent clients. This helped the company attract impressive clients like HP, UPS, Microsoft, and Arcos Dorados (McDonald’s). The firm helped McDonald’s with their FIFA World Cup activities and assisted Microsoft with the “Windows XP Farewell Letter” campaign.

Another Company Rodrigo Peñafiel

Another Company

Rodrigo Peñafiel and Jaspar Eyears co-founded Another Company in 2004 to fill gaps in the PR services provided in Mexico at the time. Since then, the company transformed from a traditional PR firm and events agency into a one-stop-shop agency providing a full-package of services.

The company employs less than 100 employees and remains privately held. In spite of its small size, Another Company commands the attention of big clients like Heineken, Reebok, Forever 21 and Kellogg’s. The firm achieves this through a proven track record of impacting media to build connections and drive sales.

 Alterpraxis Servicios Corporativos S.C

Alterpraxis Servicios Corporativos S.C

Alterpraxis specializes in providing communications and PR advice to companies in the Mexican market. To differentiate itself from the competition, the company uses youthful and innovative thinking capturing the interest of target audiences.

The company aims to do more than increase brand visibility. Instead, Alterpraxis focuses on building memorable brands and sustaining brand relevance in the market. Impressively, the company accomplishes this with a team of just over 30 workers. Nonetheless, these employees bring skills and opinions to the table, shaped by experience in the field and solid education.

Together, the team meets and surpasses the needs of over 100 brands, which make up the company’s client portfolio. Some organizational giants this company calls clients include Heineken, Dunkin Donuts and (RED).

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