Mid- Ohio Regional Issues Advertising RFP

Gohio is seeking a firm to provide professional advertising services to continue their commute smarter campaign from May 2020 to November 2020 as outlined in Scope of Services in this RFP


MORPC’s Gohio team is a regional leader of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) awareness efforts providing a multi-faceted approach for Central Ohioans seeking solutions to help save money, reduce road congestion, improve air quality, reduce carbon footprints, and improve overall health. MORPC’s Gohio team develops programs and policies which seek to (1) increase awareness of the many mobility options available in Central Ohio, (2) empower travelers to make well-informed decisions about their trips, and (3) equip travelers with the tools necessary for sustainable travel (i.e. ride matching services, multi-modal trip planning, Emergency Ride Home, etc.). Additionally, MORPC provides the region’s only daily year-round air quality forecast for ozone and PM2.5. MORPC uses the Air Quality Index (AQI) to determine the daily air quality forecasts.

The footprint of Gohio’s services covers 15 Central Ohio counties, including Franklin, Fayette, Hocking, Logan, Morrow, Madison, Marion, Perry, Pickaway, Ross, Union, Delaware, Knox, Licking, and Fairfield.

Scope of Work:

MORPC Gohio Commute currently has a commute smarter campaign which they have been advertising for the past two years. We want to continue this campaign using the current assets but adding a couple new elements this year.

The ideal firm will need to outline their ability to conduct the following campaign taking place in 2020: (1) creation of assets, (2) execution and campaign management, and (3) media delivery and buy to achieve the campaign goals. The scope of the campaign is as follows: 

The General Outreach campaign seeks to raise general public awareness of the quality mobility options available to Central Ohio commuters in MORPC’s 15-county region. MORPC’s Gohio staff believes the primary focus of the campaign’s messaging needs to raise public awareness about the realities of lifestyle choices – mainly commuting habits – that physically harm us, constrain our economic independence, and degrade our air quality (e.g. excessive single occupancy vehicle (SOV) usage, vehicle idling, etc.). 

The campaign needs to both (1) educate individuals directly of the consequences of SOV, and (2) drive individuals to the Gohio website. The website will educate users about the true costs of commuting (economic, health, and environmental impacts) and equip them with resources necessary to shift away from Single-Occupant Vehicle (SOV) commuting.

MORPC hopes to raise awareness by continuing their commute smarter campaign by continuing to use the brand assets created last year and building upon those assets with a few new items.

This campaign hopes to help shift commuters away from SOV commutes and instead utilize alternative modes of transportation, such as carpooling, vanpooling, taking transit, or biking.


1. Increase public awareness of MORPC’s Gohio Commute sustainable transportation resources

2. Increase participation in the Gohio Commute program by driving traffic to the Gohio Website

3. Increase the number of registered users in the Gohio Commute programs.

Targeted Demographics: 

• Long distance commuters – Those who have routine long-distance commutes and econsistent work schedules are more likely to consider ridesharing, especially vanpool.

• Commuters who pay for parking – Lack of parking or high cost parking (i.e. downtown eColumbus) often sparks commuters to consider sustainable forms of transportation.

• Environmentally Conscious – Individuals who are highly motivated to make sustainable clifestyle choices because of their actions on the environment.

Possible Communication avenues to consider, but not limited to:

• Radio ads o Traditional and Internet o Focusing on drive time commutes

• Digital/Mobile Marketing o Target specific buildings with digital marketing. Target five companies of MORPC’s Choice – must create ad for this digital marketing. (required component of the campaignnot optional)

• Billboard

• Ads on CoGo stations, newsstands, benches, etc.

• Content generation and/or management of Social Media pages Content generation – Required

● Proposal must include content for four LinkedIn ads. Two focused on general outreach of Gohio Commute program and two for Gohio Commute Vanpooling. Gohio Staff will be responsible for posting these on LinkedIn site.

● Proposer will create two newspaper ads. One advertising the Gohio Commute program and one advertising the Gohio Commute vanpool program. Gohio Staff will use these newspaper ads to advertise in rural areas which we feel would benefit from the program, but digital marketing doesn’t make sense.

● All existing commute smarter advertising pieces will be made available to the selected firm.


This section shall indicate the firm’s understanding of the scope of work, goals, and desired outcomes of the campaign identified in this RFP. The firm shall discuss their proposed advertising strategies and determine how they will accomplish the objectives and goal outcomes listed in Section II (Scope of Services). The firm shall include proposed advertising mediums to be used for the advertising campaign, and project their value added to the campaign.

Summary of deliverables for the campaign

1. Campaign Summary (indicate your understanding of MORPC’s scope, goals, outcomes, etc. for the campaign)

2. Proposed Messaging Strategy (What do you believe should be the primary message of the campaign?)

3. Proposed Marketing Avenues (e.g. radio ad, digital, CoGo ad, etc.)

a. Methodology (why/how will this marketing avenue be effective?)

b. Target Demographic

c. Date & Time Range (i.e. 30 second radio ads will run on Station X every 2 hours from August – November)

               d. Projected Impact (e.g. impressions, signups generated, etc.)

e. Budget The firm shall indicate the expected level of MORPC staff involvement in developing or administering the campaign. Additionally, include any further information or data needed from MORPC in order to further enhance the proposed campaign.

Due Date:

MARCH 20, 2020


Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission

Attn: Patty Olmsted

111 Liberty Street, Suite 100

Columbus, OH 43215


Hunter PR and MWWPR are agencies worth considering.

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