Ministry of Tourism of Government of India Issues Tourism RFP

The Ministry of Tourism (client) has been promoting tourism in overseas markets for a number of years to attract more foreign visitors to India. The client intends to conduct a study to prepare various action plans for Govt. agencies as well as private stakeholders in order to attract more tourists from Russia and Canada to the country.

The study would involve preparation of Action Plan for various public and private tourism stakeholders for promotion and development of tourism sector in the country on the basis of collection and analysis of primary as well as secondary data.


The Ministry of Tourism, is the nodal agency for the formulation of national policies and programs and for the co-ordination of activities of various Central Government Agencies, State Governments/UTs and the Private Sector for the development and promotion of tourism in the country.This Ministry is headed by the Union Minister of State for Tourism (Independent Charge).

The administrative head of the Ministry is the Secretary (Tourism). The office of the Director General of Tourism {now merged with the office of Secretary (Tourism)} provides executive directions for the implementation of various policies and programs. Directorate General of Tourism has a field formation of 20 offices within the country and has 8 offices abroad and one sub-ordinate office/project i.e. Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering (IISM)/ Gulmarg Winter Sports Project. The overseas offices are primarily responsible for tourism promotion and marketing in their respective areas and the field offices in India are responsible for providing information service to tourists and to monitor the progress of field projects. The activities of IISM/GWSP have now been revived and various Ski and other courses are being conducted in the J&K valley.

Scope of Work:

2.1 Coverage

                To conduct a study on tourism in the two overseas markets of Russia and Canada, the study will include a primary survey of past and prospective travelers besides compilation and analysis of information from secondary sources. The study would involve preparation of Action Plan for various public and private tourism stakeholders for the promotion and development of the tourism sector in the country on the basis of collection and analysis of primary as well as secondary data. A separate report of each country should be provided based on detailed information according to the Terms of Reference (TOR) at 2.2 below.

2.2 Terms of Reference (TOR).

                i. To assess the characteristics and preferences of outbound travellers of Russia and Canada.

                ii. To Map the potential tourist sites in India as per the preferences of outbound travellers from these countries and prioritize these sites in terms of their preparedness to receive tourists.

                iii. To suggest strategies of attracting tourists from Russia and Canada to the identified sites, keeping in view the objective of achieving the following country-wise annual targets of Foreign Tourist arrivals:

·         Country

·         after 5 years

·         after 10 years

·         Russia

·         6 lakh

·         12 lakh

·         Canada

·         6 lakh

·         12 akh

                iv. To frame various Action Plans for: (a) Government i.e. Ministry of tourism and other Govt.    Agencies in the roles of promotional, facilitative and regulative aspects and (b) Private tourism Stakeholders including Industry bodies.

                v. The contents of the study report should necessarily include, but not limited to, the following:

Outbound tourism of the country

                a. Profile of outbound tourists

                b. Social, Demographic and Geographical characteristics

                c. Key features of out bound tourism like – travel pattern, important travel destinations and the                reasons for inclusion of these travel destinations in their travel list etc.

                d. Forecasting number of outbound travelers by purpose along with growth over next decade.

                e. Drivers of long term growth of outbound tourism of the country.

                f. Information sources for out bound travelers for their travel planning.

Inbound tourism in India from the country

                a. Importance of Outbound tourism market of the country (ie. Russia/Canada) from India’s tourism point of view.

                b. Reasons for including India as the destination and sources of information about India’s tourism attractions for their travel plan to India.

                c. Barriers for selecting India as the destination as well as for the regional dispersal in terms of traveler’s perspective and the ways to overcome these barriers for attracting more tourists from the country to India.

                d. Different travel destinations in India having tourism potential according to their travel preferences.

                e. Various suggestions/ recommendations in respect of infrastructure creation, connectivity and other facilities in the tourist spots.

                f. Suggestion of new tourism products and their development which cater to the needs of the travelers from these countries.

                g. Implementable Action Plans for Govt. Agencies especially for Ministry of Tourism, State Govts as well as other Central Ministries in the role of promotional, facilitative and regulative aspects.

                h. Action plans for private tourism stakeholders and Industry bodies.

                III. Sample size for Primary Survey

The Consultant should get the questionnaire filled by respondents in all respect by hosting questionnaire on prominent social media websites of Russia and Canada in their local languages i. e Russian in Russia and English & French in Canada.

Due Date:

October 31. 2019 


Ms Aqsa Ilahi

Deputy Director

Market Research Division,

Ministry of Tourism,

C-1 Hutments, Dalhousie Road

New Delhi-110011


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