Mobile Arcade App Replaces Toys With Hand Sanitizer and Toilet Paper

Mobile Arcade App Replaces Toys With Hand Sanitizer and Toilet Paper
Mobile Arcade App Replaces Toys With Hand Sanitizer and Toilet Paper

In a tongue and cheek jab due to shortages, Winner Winner™ ( mobile arcade app is allowing customers to play games winning prizes such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer, replacing plush toys and other novelty prizes. Customers can play these games on their mobile phones – Winner Winner Live Arcade can be downloaded for free in the Apple iOS App Store.  

Cody Flaherty, Winner Winner™ COO and Co-Founder said, “Although these times are very serious, it’s important to still find joy in your daily life… I went on our normal grocery store run to grab our standard necessities, and when I saw a shortage I thought, ‘how fun would it be if we enabled our players to play for some of these hard-to-find items right now, such as toilet paper and sanitizers?’”

The idea took off and Flaherty noted that they nearly ran out of toilet paper as these two games have been their most popular. They’ve even added jewelry and other items to their assortment, such as toilet paper earrings, which they note is now their 3rd most played game.

Flaherty added, “We mail the toilet paper or any other prizes to players that win and request shipment the very next day. We have a large supply of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Whether you are on vacation, want to pass some time or are simply in the mood to put your skills to the test, our arcade is waiting for you!” Flaherty said while encouraging people to download Winner Winner™ Live Arcade on iOS.

About Winner Winner™

Winner Winner™ offers live-streaming games, real prizes, and most importantly, real fun! With just a few taps on the phone, users play all of their favorite arcade games and have the prizes won shipped directly to their homes!  Winner Winner is currently available on the iOS App Store and expects to be available on the Google Play Store for Android devices in the coming months.

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