In order to fully understand and appreciate the efforts of Hamed Wardak, as a futuristic Paul Harvey might have said before his famous radio stories rather than afterward, “Now you’ll know the rest of the story.”

One of Wardak’s latest ventures is in the area of techno music and his group called Valen of Wicked.  Even here, on his Instagram site, Wardak’s philosophy spills over with posts like “Love your neighbor who doesn’t look like you, think like you, love like you, speak like you, pray like you, vote like you.  No Exceptions.  Love”

In explaining the name of his group during an interview with ContentHow, Wardak said he wanted to come up with a new electronic flavor by incorporating the musical sounds of many cultures, colors, and beliefs.  By doing so, he added that it may deliver something to an audience that doesn’t get to hear this kind of music.


Wardak says he spends up to three hours every morning at the gym working out. He said it helps him start the day in a positive mindset.  Probably what speaks even more loudly about the diversity and depth of Hamed Wardak’s vocations is his post, “There is no photoshop or filter for your energy.”


In addition to all the work he managed and performed in Afghanistan, Wardak supported Afghan refugees.  His Miami-based company, Ludas Athletics, also gave a portion of each sale to assist in the refugee efforts.  And when the National Basketball Association team, Miami Heat, won the NBA championship in 2012, Ludas Athletics collaborated with the Irie Foundation to sponsor and produce an event on Star Island that served to raise funds and awareness on the need for scholarships for local, disadvantaged youth.


He credits his passion to research for arming him with ideas as well as the necessary information should he decide to pursue yet another venture.  When it comes to launching a new enterprise, Hamed Wardak said first impressions are critical to a business’s success and good research is key to that.  He added that research also equips him with new skills and tricks he might employ in current and future endeavors.

Discipline is an attribute Wardak says is critical for anyone to focus on their work or craft.  As it relates to Valen of Wicked, he said he wouldn’t be progressing nor his business growing if he had no discipline.

Another key factor Hamed Wardak cites for success is in hiring the right people.  He recommended putting together and employing a sound recruiting strategy to achieve the organization’s goals.

In summarizing his keys to success in an interview with Ideamensch earlier this year, Wardak cited four major factors.  They were research and planning, elevating productivity by invigorating the mind and body each morning, disciplining oneself to complete projects, and always staying on top of news within one’s industry while continuously educating oneself.  Of course, his final words during the interview were, “Always research.”

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