Mezzetta Is Seeking A Public Relations Firm

mezzetta public relations

Mezzetta® is currently soliciting proposals for public relations agencies to provide strategic counsel, corporate branding, messaging, media relations (including national, regional, online, television, print, etc.), influencer outreach and other services to support the company and its brands.

Mezzetta® is a specialty food producer best known for being America’s favorite brand of domestic and imported peppers and olives. In 1935, Mezzetta was founded in San Francisco’s historic North Beach District by Giuseppe Luigi Mezzetta, an Italian immigrant who started the business selling specialty food items imported from Italy. Giuseppe’s great-grandson, Jeff Mezzetta, now runs the company from a new facility in the Napa Valley. The Mezzetta brands represent a wide variety of regional culinary specialties made from wholesome, quality ingredients and authentic recipes. Based on a rich Italian-American heritage spanning four generations, Mezzetta is committed to delivering flavor, convenience and value to today’s health and flavor conscious

Whether it’s your favorite olives, peppers, sauces, spreads, marinades and more, everyday gourmet is just a twist away with Mezzetta®. From Italy to Spain, Greece and beyond, we source the highest quality products from around the world and bring them to the American table. Click here for all products.

  • Mezzetta® Peppers & Vegetables: #1 jarred peppers in the U.S., we harvest at the peak of ripeness from local farmers around the world, and bring the delicious flavors to life with our proprietary brines.
  • Mezzetta® Specialty Olives: Ranked #1 in the Premium Olive category, and #1 Stuffed Olive category, we source the best olives from Italy, Spain, Greece and beyond!
  • Mezzetta® Marinara: Made from the best tomatoes in the world – imported Italian Plum Tomatoes from the San Marzano Region
  • Napa Valley Bistro™: This unique line of olives, pesto, pizza & pasta sauces blends our rich legacy of Italian culinary tradition with the freshest, finest ingredients from our neighboring California farms.
  • Everything Spreads™: Spread it, stir it, blend it, toss it, mix it. Let this little jar bring big flavor to your meals in minutes.
  • Jeff’s Naturals® and Kona Coast®: Sub-brands that will not require PR.

Our goals for PR are to increase awareness about Mezzetta® and make it relevant for generations to come. With minimal marketing efforts, we have amassed a target market of women from 45-65 years of age. We want to continue to appeal to our existing customers, but also make the brand approachable for younger generations (i.e. millennials). We are looking to increase our marketing efforts to PR now because we have a new marketing team in place that is anxious to increase brand awareness. With a new budget and experienced marketing team, we believe that we can make Mezzetta a household name.

Our biggest struggle to date is connecting our image to our reputation. Many people are aware of us only after they catch a glimpse of our packaging. Many even have our products in their pantries without knowing the name of the brand that they love so – Which PR Agency Is Up For The Challenge?

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