Poland’s Best PR Firms

Poland PR Firms

Poland has a lot to offer the world, so there’s a need for good PR – luckily they have it in the follow firms.

United PR

United PR, one of the first PR firms in Poland, was organized in 1991. Since then this wide-ranging company has serviced over 80 companies for extended periods. They proved their willingness to remain loyal to returning clientele. While, in service to these companies, United PR carried out over 400 PR projects and programs, proving reliability. Additionally, the firm continues exploring and mastering new areas of PR expertise, including investor relations, issues management, crisis communications, and media training.

In broad strokes, their track record shows excellent work in technology, healthcare, consumer products, the public sector, and even entertainment industries. Some long-term clients of United’s include Kodak, Procter & Gamble, Genesys, United Parcel Service, and Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.

Havas PR Warsaw

Havas PR Warsaw is known for being the largest network public relations agency in Poland. Their team comprises over forty expert consultants, each one sharing the passion, cosmopolitan curiosity, courage to act, and general optimism. Their business philosophy – providing comprehensive offers according to the eloquent notion of the one-stop-shop idea, with stringent transparency throughout the process. Some of the teams’ specializations include brand PR, financial communications and investor relations, corporate communications, education and health communication, financial communications, internal communication, and crisis management.

Havas PR operates at full momentum – continuing since 2003, and are an honored member of the Polish Public Relations Consultancies Association, awarded the Polish PR contest Złote Spinacze.


Edelman’s office in Warsaw was established in 2005, not long after Poland first joined the EU. Presently, their team’s optimistic synergy helps them remain one of the leading agencies in all of Poland. Their clients include a mix of Polish and international companies interested in making a reliable business connection with Polish consumers and stakeholders. They also work with the Central European hub for many of Edelman’s worldwide global and regional clients.

Edelman’s Warsaw office approaches clients with a five-part campaign strategy: Consumer, Technology, Corporate, Digital, and Health. Together, these five functions practiced across a wide range of sectors include energy, food and beverage, financial services, pharmaceuticals, publishing, innovative technologies, and fast moving consumer goods and communications. Edelman works as a highly integrated, principled effort to continually innovate from within Poland’s quickly morphing and advancing market.

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