Teletubbies Producer Sues Preferred Fragrance

Teletubbies– Teletubbies Producer Sues Preferred Fragrance Rite-Aid, CVS & Others Accused Of Selling Misleading Perfume –

New York based fragrance company Preferred Fragrance was recently sued by Kenn Viselman, the Producer of the Teletubbies for selling products which were smaller than advertised.  While the products were advertised as containing 100 mL of Liquid, in reality the bottles were smaller than that.  The case is a class action law suit filed in California which names Amazon, Rite-Aid, CVS & others on the lawsuit.  (The full lawsuit is attached.)

According to the New York Post, the company “specializes in making designer knock-off scents,” – meaning the company which makes fakes is also now accused of lying.  As reported last year, the company is being sued by Prada and Summit Entertainment.

While they have also been sued for infringement in 2008 by Estee Lauder Inc, there are multiple legal battles facing Preferred.

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Another 2014 lawsuit claims that Victoria’s Secret and its affiliate Bath & Body Works Brand Management charged in a federal trademark infringement suit that the company “is knocking off its perfume line, selling fragrances with scents or packaging that are similar to what the undie maker sells at its shops.”

“Defendants have intentionally encroached on [Victoria’s Secret’s] rights in a concerted, ongoing attempt to hijack the substantial brand awareness and goodwill associated with plaintiff’s products and to cause confusion among the buying public,” argues the suit.

Let’s see if Teletubbies producer Viselmann wins this suit.

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