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Amazon Hoping “Smart” Grocery Stores Will Catch On

Technological updates have been a part of grocery shopping since the first “electric eye” doors were installed in the first half of the 20th century. As technology continues to advance, basic chores like going to the grocery store are starting to look very different than they did in previous … [Read more...]

Amazon Employee Bonus Offers Positive PR Opportunity

Amazon’s news headlines recently haven’t been the best for the company’s image. From challenges to working conditions to political accusations of possible antitrust issues, Amazon has been managing a series of difficult news cycles. In response, the company has come out with a big, positive message… … [Read more...]

Amazon’s Top 3 Marketing Lessons

Amazon’s Top 3 Marketing Lessons In just a quarter of a century, Amazon has transformed itself from its humble beginnings in a garage to a multinational giant employing thousands of people. Today, people all over the world rely on the platform to purchase books, movies, music and a range of … [Read more...]