Deciding on a Course of Action During Backlash

2021-08-23 by Jim Crickell
amazon fulfillment center 010

Plenty of Amazon employees across the US have been talking about the work conditions in Amazon warehouses for several months now. The latest complaint from warehouse workers is that the internal temperature has become too hot to be able to work efficiently. Recently, there was a federal complaint that was filed by a group of employees that works at the largest Amazon warehouse in New York City. In it, the warehouse workers stated that there was no ventilation, and the dirty fans ended up spreading the warehouse debris into the worker’s eyes. Some employees were also fainting from heat exhaustion,... Read More >

Amazon Hoping “Smart” Grocery Stores Will Catch On

2020-10-06 by Jade Minh

Technological updates have been a part of grocery shopping since the first “electric eye” doors were installed in the first half of the 20th century. As technology continues to advance, basic chores like going to the grocery store are starting to look very different than they did in previous generations. From self-checkout to cashless transactions, modern shoppers are doing things much differently than their parents and grandparents. While some shoppers are balking at the updates, missing what it used to feel like to make a “trip to the grocery,” Amazon is going after those who love the tech updates, hoping... Read More >

mDesign Home Decor’s Amazon Marketplace Expansion Plan Catches Attention

2020-09-22 by Wilson Scott
mDesign home decor

mDesign - Solutions with Style Did you know that the Amazon Marketplace worldwide sees two new sellers entering the arena every minute? In 2019 alone, Amazon’s 16 worldwide marketplaces saw an additional 1.2 million new third-party sellers join the ranks bringing Amazon’s total active sellers to a whopping 3 million. Of that 3 million, only 10,000 Amazon sellers saw their sales reach beyond that $1 million threshold, only two percent of the marketplace.  Amazon Marketplace’s popularity in all 16 countries is rising, and most brands do not have the business acumen to keep apace with Amazon’s fluid expansion process. Yet,... Read More >

Amazon Employee Bonus Offers Positive PR Opportunity

2020-07-26 by JamesD

Amazon’s news headlines recently haven’t been the best for the company’s image. From challenges to working conditions to political accusations of possible antitrust issues, Amazon has been managing a series of difficult news cycles. In response, the company has come out with a big, positive message… one that comes with a lot of zeroes. According to various media reports, Amazon plans to offer more than $500 million as a “thank you bonus” to workers who stayed with the company through the difficult month of June, when orders were up and morale was down, after the company chose to eliminate a... Read More >

How Digital Marketing’s Growth Will Expand Amazon’s Dominance

2020-01-21 by Jim Crickell
digital age

Looking at the trends, it’s crystal clear that digital marketing is showing a strong, long-term growth line. According to multiple reports, digital marketing spending will eclipse $146 billion over the next three years. While “search” budgets may plateau, other forms of digital marketing are expected to continue to grow.Voice-based searches powered by Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, which were considered “nearly mainstream” just a few years ago, have now become nearly universal. For more and more people, traditional web search has been all but replaced by “Hey Siri,” or “Hey, Alexa…” What does that mean for the digital marketing marketplace?... Read More >

Amazon’s Top 3 Marketing Lessons

2019-08-30 by Julio Juarez

Amazon’s Top 3 Marketing Lessons In just a quarter of a century, Amazon has transformed itself from its humble beginnings in a garage to a multinational giant employing thousands of people. Today, people all over the world rely on the platform to purchase books, movies, music and a range of products from the retailer itself and hundreds of partner companies. But how did it get here? An oft-cited Millward Brown Digital Study found that 63 percent of Amazon Prime members, and 13 percent of non-members, will buy something during a visit to the website. With a loyal customer base, and... Read More >

Amazon Rebounds from Accusations with Major Announcement

2018-09-25 by JamesD
Amazon Rebounds from Accusations with Major Announcement

Not that long ago, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos was responding to allegations by former Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders that Amazon’s working conditions were unfair to its employees and that Amazon was depending on US taxpayers to foot the bill for benefits that would not be necessary if Amazon paid a higher wage. When these statements went public, Bezos offered a stinging challenge in response, daring Sanders to come tour one of the company’s facilities, but his counterpunch this week is likely to be even more effective in creating positive PR for Amazon. Bezos, with his wife MacKenzie, recently... Read More >

Ten Best-Selling Public Relations Books on Amazon

2015-11-03 by Richard D. Pace
PR Books

Looking for a good read to improve your understanding and skills in PR? Look no further, we have summaries of the top 10 best-selling books as of today on Amazon: The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, News Releases, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly by David Meerman Scott The latest edition of this internationally-renowned, industry standard guide to public relations and marketing has been updated to include information on social media, digital trends and the future of the profession. Equally beneficial for PR professionals and business entrepreneurs, it... Read More >

Monster Seeks A Public Relations Company

2015-08-04 by Jason Tannahill
monster job logo

Everything PR can exclusively reveal today that at least 10 agencies have been invited to participate in a PR Agency Request for Information (RFI) in advance of the selection of a Public Relations firm. Two separate industry sources confirmed today that Monster seeks an agency for both the B2B and B2C audiences in the U.S. Monster provides a vast array of products and services in more than 40 countries, with advanced technology including digital, social and mobile solutions, and the flagship website The RFI describes parts of the assignment as:Helping to update and refine key messaging that tells the... Read More >

Will MSL Group Be Fired By  Netflix For Creating Controversial “Day Without Sports” Campaign

2015-07-17 by Richard D. Pace
MSL Group PR Logo

In May of 2014, U.S. streaming media company – Netflix – awarded New York-based agency MSLGroup its new European public relations contract. This move facilitated Netflix’s expansion in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg. These are the key European markets into which MSLGroup oversaw the Netflix brand expansion last year. Perhaps MSL Group was hired by Netflix because the PR agency had experience with well-known tech brands BT, Google, and Sony. Also, Netflix selected MSLGroup for the PR firm’s expertise inassisting other U.S. brands compete against European established products and services – for example – Vivendi’s Canal Plus and... Read More >

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