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So what is Flipkart?

Most American are familiar with Amazon.com and eBay, but many have not heard of Flipkart. Flipkart is the leader of e-commerce in the fast growing Indian market. The company focuses on goods such as...

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The Online Business of the E-Church Experience

It may be typical for a traditional communal attendance at brick-and-mortar churches, as many families see Sunday mass as an opportunity to connect with other Christians and celebrate their faith. But the church landscape...

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Hitler Used Carl Byoir & Associates An American PR Firm

– Hitler Used Carl Byoir & Associates, An American PR Firm: Everything PR Exclusive Book Excerpt – Ronn Torossian of 5WPR in The Observer today wrote an article entitled “Hitler’s Nazi Germany Used an American...

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Teletubbies Producer Sues Preferred Fragrance

– Teletubbies Producer Sues Preferred Fragrance Rite-Aid, CVS & Others Accused Of Selling Misleading Perfume – New York based fragrance company Preferred Fragrance was recently sued by Kenn Viselman, the Producer of the Teletubbies...

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Biggest Tech Trends To Watch Out For  

Most of us can barely comprehend the enormous shifts in technology over the past year or two. These shifts promise to shape our economy and the way we live our day-to-day lives for decades...

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RECALLS: Honda CEO sets an impressive standard

This article contains quotes from Ronn Torossian of 5WPR based in New York City. Very few things can wreck perfectly good public relations like a public recall. Just ask GM. But auto recalls don’t have to...


Amazon.com Removes Negative Feedback: Good or Bad?

Amazon is undoubtedly an online commerce giant and many buy their products from their local site. But it is also a challenge for any company choosing to sell its products on this site as negative comments can appear. While marketers can find articles online with tips on how to deal with such negative comments – and even some tips from Amazon itself on the same topic – they also discvover that the website deletes negative comments about its services.


Amazon Launched Kindle Store for Spanish Speakers in the US

Amazon.com has just launched the “eBooks Kindle en Español”, a new eBook store within the Amazon.com Kindle Store dedicated to Spanish speakers in the US. The new store includes the largest representation of Mexican authors, as well as Kindle Singles in Spanish, compilations of articles from “El Pais”, Popular English-language books translated into Spanish, like the Twilight and Hunger games series, books by authors such as Stephen King and many more.