Mollom Moderates User-generated Content at Enterprise Level

Mollom was designed to help businesses moderate large volumes of user-generated content, solving spam problems and offering an enterprise-ready content moderation platform for publishers large and small.


A service provided by Acquia, a company which offers cloud-based solutions for Drupal-based websites, Mollom Content Moderation Platform eliminates the need to moderate messages coming from legitimate users. The platform works with websites using any publishing platform, from WordPress, to Drupal, Radiant, SilverStripe and others, and removes virtually all spam submissions.

Acquia acquired Mollom in August 2012, to provide its customers with content quality assurance at enterprise level. This is important for business websites dealing with large amounts of user-generated content, particularly spam comments, as traditional filters often fail to address the issue. Mollom is designed to eliminate the need for manual deletion of spam comments, but also to enable publishers to manage many websites to moderate all social content from a central dashboard.

Features include:

  • moderation dashboard that enables businesses to manage social content from hundreds of websites under one roof;
  • machine learning and text analytics to identify potentially harmful content automatically;
  • filtering of foreign language contributions and accurate sorting among 75 recognized languages;
  • moderation team workflow management tools;
  • enterprise-ready infrastructure supported by two geographically disparate data centers.

By simplifying the content moderation process, Mollom provides significant ROI for brands seeking to increase their social footprint.

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