DUE DATE: 6/21/23 2:00PM 


1.3 Objectives

The Montana Historical Society (MTHS) is undertaking a capital campaign to raise public funds for

construction of the Montana Heritage Center, which is slated to open to the public in 2025. Along with

campaign-related assets and fundraising materials, the MTHS needs a marketing strategy and

materials both for its grand re-opening and for ongoing marketing needs. In addition, MTHS websites

require improvements and modernization. The MTHS seeks an experienced full-service creative

consultant to:

Interview and create approximately 40 videos of donors that last less than two minutes each. These

videos will be on an interior “Donor Wall” to highlight the reasons for the donors’ gifts. Travel across

Montana is anticipated.

Create a primary capital campaign video, which includes flyover drone footage, rapid construction, building shots, interior images/video, and donor and public figure testimonials to be used for

fundraising and to generate awareness of the project. The video should not last longer than five minutes.

Create additional camera-ready capital campaign materials, including but not limited to design of

direct mail letters and envelopes; hard-copy handouts for the public phase; and online and electronic

materials and assets. Provide recommendations and support for improving and eventually integrating

the state website ( and capital project website (

A general marketing strategy, including but not limited to:

• Training and review for consistent integration of the new brand onto and into all public facing

mediums; incorporating our sub-brands (i.e. SHPO, Publications).

• A grand opening marketing strategy, including online, print, social media, television, radio, and

other advertising placements, with messaging, static images as well as videos, reels, or other

formats as are developed.

• A general five-year marketing strategy, including online, print, social media, television, radio,

and other advertising placements, with static images as well as videos, reels, or other formats

as are developed. Cost estimates for ad placements should be developed for budgeting


• Templates for program brochures as needed. MTHS has six programs, some of which need

more publicity than others. They include the Museum Program; the Library and Archives

Program; the Outreach and Interpretation (public) Program; the State Historical Preservation

Office; the Membership Program; and the Publications (book and magazine) Program.

• A template for our biennial updates, like what nonprofits use for annual reports and a

template for our biennial legislative update.

Updates to our current website, including incorporation of elements of the construction project’s

website “” into the state website “” Updates include:

• Improved navigation for web users.

• Improved search engine optimization (SEO).

• Improved web analytics.

• Improved and modernized webpage design

• Improved content

The Contractor will not be responsible for direct printing of the promotional item(s), although the

contractor may be asked to provide quotes and assist with ordering. This includes items such as

stickers, brochures, table displays, handouts, etc.

The Contractor shall provide all promotional in the form of the camera- or print-ready physical items,

as well as any native/creative files for potential reproduction later.

Per MCA 18-7-101, All State of Montana Agencies are required to purchase all printing through the

Print and Mail Services Bureau of the General Services Division, Department of Administration, unless

it receives an exemption from the Print and Mail Services Bureau.

Meetings: related in-person meetings are required as needed, or at a minimum, on a quarterly basis.

Training(s) such as that required for brand integration and website transition also must be conducted in

person or in another agreed upon format. Meetings will take place in Helena, Montana. Arrangements

can be made if travel is restricted, dangerous, or otherwise not feasible.

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