Must-Read Public Relations & Marketing Books

We asked some public relations and marketing pros, “What are some inspiring books on marketing or public relations? Classics?”

Nick Swekosky, Founder of Market Metrics said: “Ogilvy On Advertising, Content Inc. by Joe Pullizi, and You Should Test That! by Chris Goward.”

Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR said, “The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference” by Malcolm Gladwell, Crystallizing Public Opinion” by Edward L. Bernays, and naturally I need to name my own book, “For Immediate Release:  Shape Minds, Build Brands, and Deliver Results with Game-Changing Public Relations.”

Bernie Wong, Founder and Owner of Social Stand Limited recommends “Value Proposition Design: How to Create Products and Services Customers Want” by Alexander Osterwalder Wong notes “It’s not just a business book for product and service design. It helps clearly define the pain points customers have and the pain reliever that the service or product of a brand provides. These are essential elements in marketing communication strategies that most marketers may ignore. Telling the brand story to the right person with the right message, the right timing, and on the right platforms is the key to win.”

Calloway Cook, President of Illuminate Labs said The PR Masterclass by Alex Singleton is the best PR book ever, as “Singleton’s advice is especially valuable to entrepreneurs on a budget. He has a lot of creative tips for getting free press coverage.”

Tory Gray, CEO & Digital Marketing Strategist of The Gray Dot Company said, “Here are my top 3 books I think every marketer/PR specialist should read.

1. Tribes (Seth Godin)

Seth Godin is arguably the best-read marketer of the 21st century. His vision on marketing has informed some of the top experts in SEO, sales, PR, and more. I think Tribes is the book that best explains the paradigm shift Seth wants to share with the world – and a must-read. If you want to see why people do what they do and understand the role brands and companies really play in modern life, read Tribes ASAP. 

2. Ogilvy on Advertising (David Ogilvy)

Together with people like Eugene Schwartz, Ogilvy made modern marketing what it is. His book is still relevant today. Like Tribes, it’s a must-read in most marketing circles. 

3. Hooked by Nir Eyal

This is a book you’ll find if you make a visit to Google, Facebook, WhatsApp and similar offices. It explains how to make “sticky” products that people keep coming back to. This book is relevant to all marketers – but especially to anyone working with technology, startups and SaaS providers.”

Brian Robben, CEO of Robben Media said, “No doubt, Blue Ocean Strategy is the single best marketing book I’ve ever read. This classic teaches the wisdom of creating a new market with a unique value offer that none of your competitors can match. In doing so, you get instant demand and make competition irrelevant. This book will get you thinking and executing your marketing strategy much differently after reading. Don’t be surprised when you unlock the uncontested market share.”

There’s regularly great marketing and public relations books being issued.

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