MWW Re-Brands to “Matter More”

The new corporate identity of MWWPR features a new logo and tagline – “Matter More.” Through rebranding MWW PR Group aims to demonstrate its independence (on the heels of its recent buy back) and dedication to relevant client solutions. The firm from what we understand has had a number of recent issues.

Approximately a year ago MWW founder, CEO and president Michael W. Kempner negotiated a buy-out from Interpublic Group of Companies, re-establishing MWW’s status as leading large public relations agency.

Of the management decision, Kempner explained:

“After our buy back, it was clear to us that MWWPR needed an entirely new look and feel to match our independence, our pride, and our culture and values…While our tagline is new, our philosophy is not. For more than 25 years, MWW has aimed to ‘matter more’ to our clients and employees, the communities where we do business, and to help our clients matter more to their stakeholders. The logo represents that we are more than what meets the eye – adding value far beyond what one might expect from a traditional PR firm.”

Part of its re-branding, MWW’s new agency headquarters since 1997 (a 15-story Meadowlands landmark) bears new signage rights and has been renamed The MWW Building.  Kempner believes the building’s re-branding is a testament to company pride.

“For so many of us, it is deeply and emotionally rewarding to see the MWWPR name atop this building.  There are so many employees who have joined me on the journey from growing MWW from a start-up to a major firm and now back to our roots as one of the top global independent firms.”


The agency’s other nine offices will also reflect the new branding with a re-vamped website, social media platforms, and internal and external materials.

Jared Hender, executive vice president suggest the re-branding is the visual embodiment of the companies new slogan:  “In an environment where so many messages and brands are competing for space, MWW knows that brands have to do more than just matter, they have to ‘matter more,’” said Jared Hendler, executive vice president at MWWPR.

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