Facebook Preparing to Launch New Page Insights, Explains New Features

Facebook will soon launch its real-time insights for pages, after experiencing delays of days and up to a week in seeing the actual relevant data for any page manager.

Having access to real-time data on how users interact with a page, what content they like and what content is most shared and commented is extremely important to any page admin, whether they are a representative of the company, a social media manager or an agency member. Seeing what users want allows companies to better control the content on their pages and, consequently, to better interact with users and post relevant messages. Instant data brings the possibility of constantly adapting the content and offers a possibility of having a page with more interaction.

Quite recently the social network made some changes in regard to its analytics. From “Active Users” and “Stream Views”, pages evolved to “Reach” and “People Talking About This”, the basic idea being that these changes attempted to give administrators a more in-depth look at how fans interacted with the content posted on their pages.

People Talking About This shows and counts activities (liking a post or a comment, commenting, sharing, tagging, answering a question, mentions the page etc.) generated by a post in a timeline a story in a timeline. Engaged Users is a more comprehensive measurement that includes all the non-story-generating actions that people can take as well, such as clicking on a link or on a photo or watching a video.

According to the official section dedicated to page metrics, page insights will allow admins to assess the performance of their page, learn which content resonates best with their audience and optimize what they publish to stimulate sharing.

There are also some features still being tested and there isn’t a known release date for their launch as of yet. As Facebook Product Manager David Baser put it “we’re working on the ability to attribute actions taken on the page back to the ad campaign. We’ll be able to let brands see how many stories about your page came through the paid campaign.”

All this interaction – and there’s even rumors of a potential new feature allowing brands to chat on Facebook pages– could pose another problem. Page admins will need to spend more and more time on the Facebook pages to be able to tap into the full potential of the new real-time analytics and all other new features that may be made available to the public.

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