NFL Takes Breast Cancer Awareness to New Heights

breast cancer awarness

Monday Night Football took a drastic turn yesterday when the NFL decided to offer its support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In a very interesting publicity move, pink showed up everywhere in a “Crucial Catch” campaign run by the NFL.

Breast cancer pink showed up everywhere in NFL stadiums last night. Michael Irvin from the NFL Network showed up in a pink tie and ribbon, while coaches swapped their usual caps for pink ones. Fan jerseys were sold in pink hues, as well. Even the regular goalpost pads were replaced with pink ones.

pink nflPerhaps the most surprising part of this display, however, was the fact that many of the players added a touch of rose to their uniforms, too. Despite the rough and tumble reputation of football players, these guys were able to unite for a common cause, one that has touched a great number of families worldwide. Pink cleats, armbands and gloves were donned in a nationwide attempt to boost breast cancer awareness.

Even with just about every company in the country looking to increase publicity by incorporating some form of breast cancer awareness into their products or offering specialty items in pink, many people were surprised to see the NFL take a stand. As a man’s sport, it tends to be the last franchise you’d expect to dress up in pink. However, that may be part of the reason they did it . . . for increased impact. When a company that has been promoting women’s products for years offers a pink lipstick in honor of October, no one bats an eye. Get some big, manly football players dressing in pink, however, and  people stand up and take notice.

It’s also good publicity for football. Those who have been affected by breast cancer are far more likely to be interested in a game that actively acknowledges their problems and works to raise awareness.

This probably isn’t the last surprise we’ve seen in the breast cancer awareness arena and even if you are one of those in the “pinklash” movement, you have to admit that this makes a far more powerful statement than the players wearing pins with “Cancer Sucks” on them. Pink may not be the first choice for many, but when it works, it works and the NFL definitely made it work yesterday.

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