Ogilvy Creates Branded Entertainment Marketing Solution

Ogilvy & Mather
has introduced an all new measurement tool leveled at measuring the effectiveness of branded entertainment. According to the news, the powerful PR company offered up the model at MIPTV. Endorsed by leading production and broadcast companies, this new standard promises to provide new intelligence and opportunities for marketers.

Doug Scott, President of Ogilvy Entertainment, had this to add about the news model:

“Branded entertainment has grown exponentially in the past decade, providing marketers with new opportunities to connect with consumers on new platforms and in new, non-interruptive ways. As the branded entertainment industry has matured, we’ve seen the real marketing value it can bring to brands, but no standard of measurement exists. Our new model structures both the planning and measurement of branded entertainment and aims to further make it a credible component of the marketing mix.”

This news also reflects a growing need, amplified by key industry decision makers, for a standard of measurement to meet the growing needs of the fast paced branded entertainment niche. The flexible nature of the Ogilvy model is being stressed as a virtual necessity for accurate measuring and comparing. Francois Florentiny, Managing Director, ITV Studios France added this:

“Although we’ve had great success with our programs, there is no current cross-industry standard for measuring and comparing branded entertainment program success. The beauty of the Ogilvy model is that it provides a consistent structure that can flex for all types of branded entertainment programs, whether they are primarily broadcast-led, live on the web, or are even full properties. As we define the next generation of content, knowing what data is important and what it means for brands can make all the difference in the success of a program.”

This new “Branded Entertainment Assessment Model™” (‘BEAM’) brings strategic advantage and demonstrative success into the realm of branded entertainment programs. A four step process, the plan is grounded in the concept that stablished brand business ambitions need identify primary program objectives, establish a lead content platform, determine the best mix of entertainment, and lastly checklist tactical considerations for maximizing each program across channels.

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