Oklahoma City Police Issues RFP For Marketing and Branding

Oklahoma City Police Department Issues RFP For Marketing and Branding Campaign


The Oklahoma City Police Department is in need of project direction and strategy assistance for marketing and public relations, as it relates to the promotion of the Department’s recruiting efforts. The objective of the campaign will be to promote the Department’s image and focus on applicant recruiting through a creative and comprehensive campaign. The City seeks a proposer to create a branding and marketing strategy for the implementation of a recruitment campaign. The proposer will work closely with the Department to create branding and consistent messaging which can be used across all marketing media and communication delivery methods. Examples of marketing methods may include social media, print, digital, radio or television.

Due to the changing nature of marketing and outreach, the Department desires an adaptable strategy to accommodate age and generational differences.


The Department has a uniformed force of over 1,100 officers and 300 civilian employees. Its mission is to protect the citizens and their property from criminal activity, keep the peace, enforce local and state laws, apprehend criminals, investigate crimes and help to prepare cases for prosecution.

The Department prides itself in being a diverse organization, with a workforce representative of the community it serves. In 2017, 26% of the Recruiting Unit’s 1,655 applications were from minority applicants. The Department is expected to receive approximately 2,500 applications for the calendar year of 2018. The Department provides recruits who successfully complete the academy and field training program an opportunity for a long fulfilling career in law enforcement The Department has a police headquarters, and five patrol divisions covering over 2,500 reporting districts, averaging 1/4 square mile in size. The Department is responsible for responding to calls for service within the City’s 621 square miles.

The City seeks a consultant to develop a branding and marketing strategy for the implementation of a recruiting campaign. The consultant will work closely with the Department to create the branding and consistent messaging which can be utilized across marketing media and communication delivery methods locally, regionally, and nationally. The intent of the messaging and marketing strategy will be to reach demographics interested in a law enforcement profession, with the ultimate goal of attracting these individuals to apply with the Department.

The Department has a need for assistance with various marketing, social media and outreach to potential applicants. The objective is to identify and select a company who can produce the services needed with minimal outsourcing.

Scope of Work:

Phase One: Creation of a Strategy and Timetable of Deliverables

The respondent shall deliver a schedule, complete with timeline and strategic plan(s) to accomplish the Department’s recruiting goals over a mutually agreed upon timeframe. Depending on the established deliverables, the timetable may extend into multiple years. Respondents should be prepared to present short and long-term timetables based on the product / media / marketing item involved. Examples of time periods should range from immediately after the contract is granted up to three years. Elements of the timetable should be priced in an “a la carte” format based on the area developed. The pricing should address the continued reliance on services from inception of the project through the period listed above and include all relative costs for each section.


The Department has created some initial strategies regarding how the Recruiting Unit’s brand   and tag line(s) should be created / improved; including web design, social media, and communication.

Web Design

The Department’s website will be the primary resource for the public to obtain employment information and recruiting qualified potential applicants. The City of Oklahoma City uses a website product provided by Vision Technology Solutions, LLC. It allows for system wide and/or individual control and update of content. The Department’s Recruiting Unit maintains the website contents for the Recruiting Unit. The Recruiting Unit desires a design which makes use of the infrastructure provided by Vision Technology Solutions, LLC and enhances the design with desirable images, videos, messaging, writings. It is prepared to maintain the site going forward.

Site content information is known to be very fluid; therefore, the proposer’s implementation should be designed so the day-to-day operation can be maintained by the Recruiting Unit with oversight, input and direction from the proposer when needed or requested.

Social Media Design

The Department seeks a dynamic social media strategy which will improve the quality and quantity of outreach to potential applicants and the public at large. This should include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The social media should be designed so that the day-to-day operation can be facilitated by the Recruiting Unit with oversight, input and direction from the proposer when needed or requested. The proposer should provide training and insight regarding how to manage social media account for entities similar to the City of Oklahoma City, in keeping with the Department’s existing policies.

Continuous Applicant Communication

The Department seeks a strategy for different levels of communication with the applicant through social media or other beneficial outlets. The Department’s application process can be quite lengthy. The strategy should promote a mechanism of remaining in contact with applicants throughout the process. The content of the contact(s) would be so designed to inform, assist and encourage the applicant.

The applicant’s contact information, email and phone, is recorded and can be obtained from NeoGov at their initial application stage and used to establish and remain in contact during the application process.

Examples of this may include digital materials which could be distributed at key times and may coincide with the application process. Information highlighting the positive aspects of the Oklahoma City area could be distributed to out of state applicants during the initial application submission. Other examples may include providing specific messages regarding testing and application status to individuals through text messages and email.

Phase Two: Create and Establish A Brand and Tag-Line

The Department desires a relevant, impactful, and effective brand to market itself to applicants. Law enforcement applicants will gravitate to the organizations they feel most align with their interests and fit their expectations. A successful brand will allow the Department to target and effectively recruit, not only higher quality applicants, but individuals prepared to make a   longterm commitment.

The brand or tag line for the Department’s recruiting efforts must represent the Department    and be designed to attract individuals from all aspects and segments of the community. For inclusion and outreach of all parts of the community, materials should be written in English and Spanish.

The “re-branding” effort cannot include alteration or deviation of the City of Oklahoma City seal and/or the Department’s current badge. However, the existing logo / designs specific to the Department’s Recruiting Unit may be utilized or changed. All designs, logos, branding or taglines created will become the property of the City of Oklahoma City and should be delivered as such. Upon acceptance and delivery, the proposer will relinquish all rights to the property. The relinquishment of these rights will extend from the proposer and any subcontractors used by   the proposer. The proposer will also be held responsible for the transfer of those rights, regardless of any future claim(s).

Creative Services for Design and Creation of Printed Materials

The Department seeks a new suite of print / electronic materials which will be used at various outreach and recruiting events and fairs, including booths. The consultant should have the ability to provide all creative services necessary for production programs including design copy and art for promotional items, print materials, and digital media. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Handouts and takeaways
  • Presentation booth banners
  • Billboard and print strategy samples
  • Magnets, buttons, T-shirts, caps, mugs and pencils
  • Typesetting, filming, dubbing, recording, editing, and photographic services
  • Flyers, brochures, posters, banners, decals, letterhead and envelopes
  • Materials designed for electronic dissemination (NeoGov, website, etc.)

Video Production Work

The Department is seeking a series of recruiting video products which can be used in the following delivery methods. The video should highlight the Department’s hiring and training of officers whose experiences before and after their hiring may relate positively to other potential applicants. The material should be designed to target specific generations, as applicable.

  • Promotional and Testimonial
  • Question and Answer
  • Employee/Place of Work
  • Creative Advertising
  • Social Media

Creative Writing of Materials

The consultant will assist in assimilating/adapting articles, stories, and features into localized content for distribution to potential applicants. They will also assist in the research, development and dissemination of original content, to include but not limited to, news releases, editorials, annual reports, newsletters, briefs, feature articles and communication(s) with applicants during the application process.

Due Date:

August 29th, 2018.



Agencies to consider could include Makovsky PR and Edelman PR.

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