Optimize Content for the Audience not SERPs


First, let’s clarify where SEO is today.

Ultimately, SEO is having your website found in the search engines by people interested in your products or services. It’s a very profitable traffic source because most times there is much targeting intent behind each search. As people have caught on, SEO was taken more seriously and businesses began investing heavily in the search channel.

Ranking well used to be pretty straight forward and simple, relative to today that is. However, there have been numerous changes to hit the industry the past 24 months that have crippled many businesses. As Google doesn’t really put out any foolproof methods for being found in the SERPs, you’re always walking on eggshells these days.

There’s a shift taking place in content consumption.

Search was the dominant vehicle for finding content on desktops and PCs. That made sense as most of our web browsing was done on a PC or desktop. Fast forward just a few short years and mobile and tablet growth are far outpacing PCs and desktops. It’s not close.

On mobile, search is just one piece of the puzzle for content discovery.

Has anyone heard of you?

You need to hope so today. That’s a big reason for the proliferation of 3rd party directories, reviews, etc. If people don’t know you, then who do you think they’re going to go with if it’s between you and / or a well known brand being found on page 1 in the SERPs who has a reputation?

Which brings us back to optimizing content for audiences through influencers.

Why bloggers and social influencers?

The goal of any content distribution is to connect with an audience and engage on an emotional level. Influencers do both.

Bloggers have earned the trust and loyalty of their readers. That is why they come back over and over. As such, they can have a material impact on your business. An authentic piece from a trusted influencer can inform potential customers about who you are and influence whether they decide to become a customer based on the influencer’s experience.

Where do you start?

You can do look them up yourself, but most people have neither the time nor desire to to do that. Or you can work with a company that has taken the time to build relationships with influencers and allows you to select the perfect ones for a campaign. Influencer Connect does this.

As you begin to build your own online business today, or rebuild after a Google algorithmic update, which do you think makes the most sense: trying to guess what Google likes so you can hopefully be found in the search engines, or bringing your business to where it already lives with another voice to tell your story?

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