Oregon City Issues Branding And Marketing RFP

Oregon City Issues Branding And Marketing RFPThe City of Sandy, Oregon has issued an RFP for a branding and marketing company. They seek assistance for the city with the preparation of a strategic branding strategy to promote unity in city services to the general public, to update the city’s image, and to be used in any marketing efforts by the city.  A comprehensive evaluation report outlining the needs of city departments has been completed and firms will use this report as a guiding document in developing the branding strategy.

The City of Sandy, population 10,500, is located in Clackamas County, Oregon.  Like many Oregon cities, Sandy was historically a timber town.  While the sight of log trucks is not uncommon through the city, Sandy is now known as a regional retail hub for the surrounding area and as the closest incorporated city to the Mt. Hood National Forest.  The City is uniquely situated between nearby, natural recreational amenities, the City of Portland and Portland International Airport.  Sandy leaders are proud of local parks and trails including one of the most stunning vistas in all of North America at the Jonsrud Viewpoint.  This viewpoint overlooks the Sandy River Valley and Mt. Hood.

The business community and local Chamber of Commerce enjoy a good relationship with the City.  Any effort to enhance the City’s image through a branding strategy would be supported by local businesses.

In the current 2015-2017 budget cycle, the City Council made a goal to update the city’s marketing brand.  Many city departments have different looks, logos, and colors making it difficult for citizens to identify them as city services.  A goal was instituted to develop a branding strategy that would unify the city’s look and create a guide for marketing efforts by individual departments.

Project Scope:

  1. Using the City’s existing comprehensive evaluation report, develop a branding strategy and design that promotes the amenities offered by the City of Sandy, unifies the various city services, and provides a marketing strategy for city departments using the new brand. The evaluation report recommended a strong central city mark with smaller factors (e.g. font, color, icon, etc.) delineating the differences between departments.
  1. Graphic design and production of advertising and communication materials, including:
  2. Graphic design of logo options with or without tagline; b. Selection of typeface and color palette; c. Development recommendations for deploying the brand; d. Identify points seen as crucial to the delivery of the brand and necessary enhancements; e. Develop guidelines for use and management of the brand.

Proposal due by Friday, September 16th to:

City of Sandy

39250 Pioneer Blvd.

Sandy, OR 97055

Seth Atkinson, City Manager


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