Oregon Workforce Partnership Issues Government Relations RFP

The Oregon Workforce Partnership is seeking a qualified and experienced organization to establish and manage our Government Relations Program.


The Oregon Workforce Partnership (OWP) is a statewide association of local Workforce Development Board members and staff. The Association is led by the Executive Directors of the State’s nine Local Workforce Boards. Local Workforce Development Boards are unique public/private partnerships that bring together local elected officials, private sector leaders, public agencies, education, labor, and community-based organizations to focus on local workforce development and related community issues. There are more than 250 local board members across the State.

OWP has adopted the following:


                Provide leadership that promotes and advances Oregon’s workforce system.


                Oregon’s workforce system ensures all Oregonians possess the talent needed for communities to thrive and prosper.


                • Pursue innovation through creativity and high achievement.

                • Be strategic by promoting solutions to complex challenges.

                • Maintain accountability through effective and efficient use of resources.

                • Promote inclusiveness through ongoing communication and free exchange of ideas.

                • Drive relevance by focusing on continuous improvement.

Scope of Work:

The OWP Board of Directors has authorized development of a government relations program that includes four components:

                1. Development of a resource and relationship map that provides a view of connections between OWP member networks and state-level policymakers and influencers.

                2. Monitoring of key policy developments that would impact OWP members. The members need regular updates on developments to evaluate impact and the need for additional involvement.

                3. Targeted efforts to influence issues of critical importance to the membership. Guidance on effective involvement and influence of OWP members would also be required.

                4. Staff support for OWP’s Policy & Advocacy Committee. Given OWPs small size and limited capacity, staff support is needed for the Policy & Advocacy Committee under supervision from the OWP Chair. This would require agenda development and regular briefings as well as guidance on development of policy positions.

OWP has a limited budget and is engaging in government relations on a trial basis for the first time. The Board will evaluate the effectiveness and return on investment to consider continuation and/or expansion. We estimate funding available for 2019/20 to be between $50,000 and $75,000.

Due Date:

August 19, 2019,



MWWPR and Edelman PR have relevant lobbying arms.

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