Oriental Bank of Commerce Issues Social Media RFP

Oriental Bank of Commerce Issues Social Media RFP

The Oriental Bank of Commerce (“OBC”) has issued an RFP for social media management services. Oriental Bank of Commerce, is one of the leading public sector Bank in India, having 2351 branches and 2585 ATMs spread all over the country.

The Bank has about 20 million customers served through 100% Core Banking branches spread across the country. OBC wants to explore the social media as a medium to interact and engage with its customers. OBC is issuing this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) for Selection of Service Provider for Social Media Management Services. OBC shall use this contract for establishing its social media policy and manage its account on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ etc.

Detailed Scope of Work

Oriental Bank of Commerce intends to establish its presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. and is looking for a Social Media Engagement service provider who will be responsible for comprehensive online reputation management of the Bank. The posts placed by the customers’ needs to be tracked and responded.

The bidder has to carry out the following with regard to social media sites:

  • Facebook:

    • Page Creation & Management.
    • Content Architecture & Calendar.
    • Evergreen posts, presence, response management & spam management.
    • Organic Relationship building with fans, building conversations.
    • Tab Creation.
    • Track Fan activity & profiling, including Influencers.
    • Campaigns and engagement.
    • Reporting.
  • Twitter:

    • Account creation & management.
    • Enable conversations on twitter.
    • Content Architecture & Calendar, Messaging and managing conversations.
    • Track Fan activity & profiling, including Influencers.
    • Reporting.
  • YouTube:

    • Account/ Channel Creation & Management
    • Managing Content, uploading videos periodically
    • Creating appropriate asset fields – tags, titles, video quality, thumbnails, etc.
    • Grow subscriptions
    • Promote on primary channels like FB, Twitter
  • LinkedIn:

    • Account creation & management
    • Create relevant groups/ Join relevant groups
    • Identify relevant opportunities’ to participate in various groups & discussions
    • Building network & engage the target group
    • Presence management on LinkedIn

The bidder should perform Social Listening and Response Management activities in social media.

Social Media Listening

  1. Bank intends to have a Social Media Listening Solution that gathers data from various social media outlets and news sources.
  2. It should have the ability to monitor billions of conversations and generate text analytics based on predefined criteria.

Market Research

Identifying the targeted audience based on needs & requirements with following abilities:

  1. Assess the performance of social media in development of banks business using defined ROI parameters.
  2. Ability to view and compare weekly trends of brand share, social mentions and other competitive brands.
    • The solution should be able to track leading regional (more popular in particular geographical areas & in regional languages) as well as leading international websites (website of international news agencies, magazines etc.) & social site for analyzing.

Proposal due by August 22th to:

Social Media Cell, Customer Relations Group (CRG)   Vertical
Plot No.5, Institutional Area, Sector-32, Gurgaon, Haryana – 122 001
Tel.  no.: 0124-4126231, 4126172, 4126175
Fax no.:  0124-4126232
E-Mail: socialmedia@obc.co.in Website: www.obcindia.co.in

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