Philadelphia PR Agency Owner Arrested


Philadelphia media is reporting that the owner of a Philadelphia PR agency has been arrested for allegedly giving kickbacks to a former Philadelphia Sheriff for driving millions of dollars of business his way.

According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, John Green, former Philadelphia Sheriff conspired with James Davis, the owner of  two public relations firms, Reach Communications Specialists and Cassell and Davis Partnership to receive contracts and fees from various Sheriff’s Office’s real estate sales – and gave kick-backs in return.

The Philadelphia Business Journal reports that “…according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Davis provided more than $210,000 to Green’s reelection campaign and more than $320,000 in gifts and interest-free loans to cover the costs of the former sheriff’s Florida retirement home, and also bought and renovated a Philadelphia home for him.”

There were no other bidders on the services which Davis’ companies did for the Sheriff’s office – and the PR firm “.. prepared the advertising for the Sheriff’s sales – which are required to run ahead of the auction – from 2002 through 2010, for a 15 percent commission, yet received at least $7 million beyond the agreed-upon fee.”

The Philadelphia based Public Relations executive was also charged with filing false income taxes for his public relations agency.  Davis faces 94 years in jail – the former Sheriff faces 85 years.

Isn’t such good public relations to be arrested, is it?

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