PR Campaign: Has Pink for Breast Cancer Gone Too Far?

Pink Breast Cancer Marketing

We all know that pink this month stands for breast cancer awareness. We think nothing of picking up a package of pink chocolates as a symbol of our support for this terrible disease, but what about some of the odder products on the market? It makes sense to create special pink makeup for the occasion, or even a vaccum cleaner or blender. But what about some of the stranger items?

Like a pink cement mixer, for example? This odd looking concrete machine is from Prairie Material, a concrete mixing company that isn’t afraid to look a little feminine.

The proud owner of not one, but TWO pink cement mixers is Michael Oremus. He’s found that nearly everyone knows someone who has been hit with breast cancer and when his 13 year old half brother suggested the idea of pink trucks, he decided it was a good idea. The gimmickhas certainly drawn attention to the company, but some would say this is going too far.

Another example of a pink PR campaign that is more than a little odd is the idea behind these fireworks, aimed at promoting breast cancer awareness. Fireworks aren’t quite what come to mind when you are offering support for victims of this disease, but the specialty pink version of Tears in Heaven (31 fireworks that drift to the ground) gives $3 to breast cancer research for each item sold.

delta pink for breast cancer pr campaignOr how about the recent shocker . . . Delta Airlines now has a pink jet. Their supersized attempt at breast cancer awareness is definitely an interesting one that has raised eyebrows and sparked talk about just how far is too far to go with the whole pink campaign. Candy is one thing, but an entire jet?

For the party animal, this next item might not seem so odd. Inflatable beer pong tables have been around for a while, but PortOpong has just come out with a bright pink version sure to get people talking about breast cancer at your next party . . . or not. The company is donating $5 per table sold to the Keep a Breast Organization.

What’s the weirdest pink product you’ve seen? Are companies going too far in their quest to draw attention?

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