PR Efforts in the Food Industry


Since every single company has its own story to share with the public, each business should have its own PR campaign so that story can reach the right people. When it comes to the food industry in particular, and more specifically, restaurants, there is a set of strategies that can be very beneficial when looking to reach more people.

Influencer Campaigns

The current social media age is the prime time for influencer marketing campaigns because influencers are the people who can help businesses effectively create more brand awareness digitally. Restaurants have plenty of options for influencer campaigns. From food bloggers visiting a restaurant in exchange for a complimentary meal or creating a set of posts on social media platforms in a paid marketing effort.

With influencer marketing campaigns, restaurants can reach more people while also creating positive brand awareness. That’s because any influencer would be more than happy to talk about a great experience on social media, and even encourage their own followers to give a restaurant a try. However, before creating these types of companies, businesses should first make sure that their influencer fits the brand of the restaurant itself because if their audience is filled with people who don’t fit into the target audience, the campaign is going to be unsuccessful.

Video Content

Practically every smartphone these days comes with a relatively high-quality camera, which means companies don’t have to invest in expensive equipment when looking to create highly-produced videos for their social media content.

Additionally, most people aren’t even really looking for highly produced content in the first place because of the pandemic, which means even someone working at the restaurant, going live on Instagram or Facebook, and sharing their workday will be enough to engage with the audience.

Holidays and Observances

One of the easiest ways for companies to create content for social media platforms that engages a high number of people is creating campaigns around various relevant holidays or observances. These days, there are days dedicated practically to anything and everything, and even companies themselves create their own hashtag holidays when creating campaigns.

Restaurants too can utilize these holidays with specialized hashtags on social media platforms, and either encourage users to participate in the campaign for some user-generated content or simply entreat them to come into the restaurant for a special discount.

Repurposing Content

While all businesses strive to get positive media coverage from relevant journalists or outlets for their respective industries, that same coverage can later be repurposed for a PR campaign too. For example, restaurants that got a positive review in a local newspaper can then share that review with their own followers either on social media, by sharing the article, or by letting customers know via email. This also helps fans of the restaurant spread the good word in their own communities and social circles, which encourages word of mouth marketing and allows new customers to visit the restaurant too.

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