TikTok Marketing: How Do Brands Succeed?

How do brands succeed when it comes to marketing on Tiktok?

Atta Ur Rehman of Physician’s Thrive said, “Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many brands have started adopting and focusing more on Tiktok. NBA and Converse are the famous ones among them. NBA is famous because of the unique and original content they produce such as sporting challenges, exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, and their daily dose of numerous videos. Converse somehow follows the same path by creating hashtag challenges and asks fans to participate in it by creating original content for their pre-defined theme. As an example, they started a hashtag challenge called #ConverseAllStar where the users were asked to customize sneakers and share it using the hashtag. It was a big success.”

Atta Ur Rehman continued to say that, “Considering the fact that most people using TikTok are generation Z and they lose interest very quickly when brands try to oversell products without any context regarding the benefits or experience of the product. Many brands are not producing results because of this factor alone. To succeed on platforms like TikTok, brands need to create content that is accessible, addictive, and fun which will lead it to go viral or trending. If you come up with a challenge that simply makes them buy a product, no one will ever join. Thus, brands need to come with creative and engaging ideas to build their user and fan base.

The youth on Tiktok is forcing companies to ditch traditional advertising methods and instead come up with more personalized and authentic ideas to promote products or services. Companies need to understand the needs of generation Z and create tailor-made content for them based on their demographics, and other cultural factors to grab their interests. Moreover, they need to partner with local influencers of their target demographics and embed their content into the entertaining content they are producing through the influencers.”

Ahmed Mir, Founder of Sip Coffee House said, “TikTok is so much fun and since the start of the Pandemic, I have become a little obsessed with it!  It doesn’t seem like that many brands are onboard with TikTok yet even though there is huge marketing potential. 

Chipotle is using TikTok and seems to have nailed it. Their #oneyearofTikTok video was hilarious! It showed a bowl of guacamole with tortillas chips around it with the Adele song ‘Someone like you’. It was well thought out and really smart. The soundbite featured the audience singing back to Adele so it seemed like the chips were actually singing to the guacamole.

It is a totally different way of marketing that in my opinion needs companies to onboard younger marketers who have fresh ideas. I am sure there will be a stream of new platforms coming in the near future that will need GenZers to design and plan the strategies.”

Many more articles coming about how to succeed when it comes to marketing on TikTok.

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