Engaging TikTok Audiences

2021-04-12 by Ronn Torossian

The social media app TikTok has turned into a launching pad for plenty of new digital celebrities and brands - some are even using the app to create full-blown businesses. However, the growth in popularity of the platform hasn’t only been benefitting the newcomers, as plenty of traditional media companies have also benefited from TikTok. Companies such as Yahoo News, The Washington Post, and many others, have started turning to the app in very successful attempts to reach new audiences. Many brands have been following suit by adapting the existing content into short-form videos that can fit the app’s format... Read More >

TikTok Advertising, Marketing & User Acquisition Tools

2020-12-12 by Jim Crickell

TikTok is all the rage this year, and naturally with that comes brand attention from companies wanting to advertise, market and win customers via this rapidly growing social media tool.  Here are some expert thoughts on how to market and win on TikTok. “Tiktok has become influential to youth now. It is said to have 800 million users as of this writing. So I would not wonder why businesses had used this platform to raise awareness of their brand. With the feature TikTok Ads, there is a big chance of getting connected to your potential clients/consumers. A recent study shows... Read More >

TikTok Marketing: How Do Brands Succeed?

2020-12-01 by JamesD

How do brands succeed when it comes to marketing on Tiktok? Atta Ur Rehman of Physician’s Thrive said, “Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many brands have started adopting and focusing more on Tiktok. NBA and Converse are the famous ones among them. NBA is famous because of the unique and original content they produce such as sporting challenges, exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, and their daily dose of numerous videos. Converse somehow follows the same path by creating hashtag challenges and asks fans to participate in it by creating original content for their pre-defined theme. As an example, they started a hashtag challenge called... Read More >

TikTok Marketing and Brand Marketing

2020-11-16 by Jade Minh

TikTok is a phenomenon – and brands are clamoring with how to market on Tiktok and reach consumers on this vital platform.  Many different thoughts on how to succeed on marketing on TikTok and implications of Brand Tiktok. "Brands who are laser-focused on cementing their cultural presence and impact across social are turning to influencer marketing through platforms such as TikTok. Through TikTok, brands build awareness, expand to existing audiences, or reach newer markets across TikTok. The beauty of TikTok is that it's home to audiences of all ages, and has a considerably strong Gen-Z user base. Influencer marketing is one... Read More >

YouTube Videos Post-TikTok?

2020-08-03 by Ronn Torossian

YouTube Videos Post-TikTok? Until recently, TikTok had been the bright social media star but recent talk about banning the platform in the U.S. has dimmed it.  Google bought YouTube in 2006, it has grown to become especially valuable to marketers who need time to demonstrate and show longer how-to programs. TikTok, on the other hand, is popular for its short 15 second videos that can be uploaded from mobile devices.  In May, Digital Namanji reported 2 billion monthly active users on YouTube, compared to 800 million monthly visitors on TikTok. It’s important to note that TikTok’s demographics skew to a... Read More >