The 10 Biggest Trends in PR measurement and ROI

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PR measurement and return on investment are two critical parts of any successful public relations campaign. PR Daily invites you on September 22 to The 10 biggest trends in PR measurement and ROI webinar to find out more about how to successfully integrate PR measurement into your communications plan to maximize your ROI.

Measurement in public relations is not something that’s appended at the end of a campaign. It is integrated right from the planning process and successful measurement means blends into the overall campaign. Dr. David Rockland, Partner/CEO of Ketchum‘s research and change communications businesses, and Jennifer Fravel, a Research Director at Ketchum, will teach attendees how to design and implement their own measurement program without needing to invest large sums of money and how to work with the recently adopted Barcelona Principles of Public Relations Measurement.

Webinar highlights include:

  • Create the most cost-effective way to conduct media measurement
  • Set goals and ways you can measure them
  • Manage brand tracking and corporate reputation management research
  • Isolate the impact of PR
  • Measure social media
  • Find ROI measurement in five easy steps
  • Know when to call in the measurement pros and what it should cost
  • Plus! A do-it-yourself measurement budget

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